Jingdong O2O staking matter the other day

Jingdong held a O2O Conference on March 17th, marking the official launch of Jingdong O2O program. Although the big screen O2O has long been opened, but in the long run, even if 2014 is still just the early stages of O2O development. Jingdong in order to force the entrance of the logistics, the O2O model is summed up in four words: the nearest delivery. As for which O you are, it is not important. So Jingdong O2O, in essence, is to change the logistics model.

Jingdong does not play O2O what?

1, if Jingdong is not O2O, it’s POP and SKU diversification will completely fail

GMV20% New Year’s Eve by the Jingdong submitted F1 display, 3C appliance products are still the main category of Jingdong, accounting for 8, while the POP transaction volume has not been up, accounting for about. In a word, in terms of POP and category diversification Jingdong did not meet expectations. Jingdong is on the basis of POP, and the category is mainly outside the 3C appliance category SKU, so Jingdong O2O will be able to further promote a total of POP and SKU rich.

2, if Jingdong is not O2O, relying solely on the support of 3C appliances, Jingdong’s earnings will become increasingly difficult

Jingdong’s gross profit margin is very low, lower than the operating costs, from the sale of goods alone to see a single Jingdong to sell a few dollars to lose. The price of 3C appliances transparent, low margin, increasingly separated, if the Jingdong has been holding 3C appliances not find other growth point, then the Jingdong of the day will be more sad. While O2O Jingdong’s yield is not high, but its input costs are also very low, so this one is certainly able to make money, look at Ali’s money to understand.

3, if Jingdong is not O2O, will not be able to build a new barrier to resist Suning and Tmall

The significance of

3C home appliance Jingdong is equivalent to clothing for Tmall, books on dangdang. Jingdong reached books Dangdang faced with the risk of failure, and the 3C appliance, not only Suning, Tmall has already entered the. Although suning.com in recent years has not reached the public and industry expectations, but not stagnant, and Tmall in the development of home appliances is also very impressive, especially Ali and Haier to build large appliances logistics goodaymart, there is reason to believe that Tmall in the home of the development will be more successful. O2O model can be erected a new barrier for Jingdong, so that members of the circle has been more viscous, but also at a lower cost, or even the cost of more than 0 members of the circle.

4, if Jingdong is not O2O, some of the needs of Jingdong members can not be met

A majority of members of the

Jingdong, and the age is increasing, in addition to 3C appliances, they subconsciously want Jingdong to meet their demand for more online shopping.

5, if Jingdong is not O2O, unable to attract more members

Most of the members of the


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