State Department electricity supplier will be included in the development of special funds to suppor

Office of the State Council Poverty Alleviation Office, 29, said in Jilin, will focus on promoting electricity supplier poverty alleviation project. E-commerce will be included in poverty alleviation and development system, can effectively improve the performance of poverty alleviation.

China the State Council poverty alleviation poverty village college students "Office of international cooperation and social poverty alleviation department inspector Qu Tianjun in Jilin Tongyu held the village entrepreneurship training class, financial guidance, encourage to drive more social capital into the cultivation of rural electricity environment.

recently, the Ministry of finance, Ministry of Commerce announced the 2015 e-commerce into the comprehensive demonstration work in rural areas 200 demonstration counties list, will arrange special funds to support the development of rural electricity supplier, gives priority to the construction of county, township and village three level logistics distribution system.

Qu Tianjun said, Chinese has a number of provinces through the establishment of the electricity supplier poverty alleviation experimental base, in poor villages to take the "platform + Park + training", integrate the advantages of products, market docking in poor areas, these measures will gradually improve work efficiency in poverty alleviation in china".

Internet will bring great opportunities to poor areas." Training instructor, long-term commitment to explore the American Dance cloud electricity supplier poverty alleviation agriculture and animal husbandry science and technology limited company founder Mou Wenjian said, the company is building a "cloud Union Village" APP platform, provides the rural electricity supplier training and rural financial services.

Vice president of

China poverty alleviation and Development Association Huang Shaozu think, similar to the network platform of innovative measures can achieve the high quality of agricultural products, logistics, credit, training and other problems, let the poverty alleviation work more accurate, awesome.

China proposed that by 2020 to achieve about 70000000 rural poverty alleviation.

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