Commodity electricity supplier encounter bubble embarrassing

steel and other commodities circulation is accelerating with the electronic business platform docking, this momentum involves the transformation of the field of domestic production of information, strategic significance. However, a recent interview with a number of industry insiders have warned, should be wary of this transformation process into a bubble ahead of the development of the embarrassing situation, the reverse of the bulk commodity electricity supplier homeopathic".

compete for commodity trade dominance

production area of the potential volume of business between the B2B electric business, is currently very bright consumer goods field, B2C (business and consumer) electric business simply can not be compared. Once the B2B rise, its size and effect will be very alarming." Earlier this year, an industry seminar, Dong Baoqing, deputy director of the Ministry of information industry such judgment.

according to the relevant industry statistics, last year, the national e-commerce transaction volume has exceeded 10 trillion yuan, China’s economic electricity supplier index has exceeded 10%. Experts believe that this point is very important, it is a critical point and the tipping point. This shows that the economic China electricity supplier has changed from a local economic phenomenon, the expansion of global economic phenomenon; extended to the manufacturing sector from circulation, and further extended to the service sector and the financial sector. Therefore, the impact of the electricity supplier on the economy, is a global, driven, leading and fundamental".

at $10 trillion a year in the field of business transactions, B2B has accounted for about 80%, far more than the booming consumer electricity supplier B2C scale. The B2B is still far from entering the development period, up to just the start. Sfer, CEO of Shanghai electric business platform, such as industry experts believe that, from which we can see the potential volume of B 2B is very large. The production of goods in the field of commodity circulation once successfully entered the electricity supplier of the track, the restructuring of the domestic industry chain, the impact will be great. At the same time, the economy of electricity, the most China conditions, is currently at the forefront of the world, coupled with the "Chinese demand" scale advantages, a new round of competition in the international commodity trade order dominance, "the order of business platform China demand" such as "first position", the international supply side had to adapt to competition, the "active" self-evident.

alert bubble ahead of development

in the current development of the domestic industry B 2B, the rapid development of iron and steel electricity supplier, the momentum is fierce. According to incomplete statistics within the industry, the national iron and steel electricity supplier companies have more than 100, Shanghai alone has nearly 30. Roughly divided into 4 types: some large steel mills to start a self built sales platform; some large steel trading business transformation; some is an extension of the steel market information platform; some is the third party establishment of the venture capital business platform.

at present, the concept of speculation from the investment market and competition situation between the iron and steel electricity supplier point of view, worrying about whether this emerging field has not yet fully developed, there has been a bubble." Baosteel’s iron and Steel General Manager Zhang Zhiyong and other industry insiders believe that. < >

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