See you from the elves in the mystery is Wangzhuan opportunities or a scam


small elves have appeared because of the project more suited to the needs of friends and Wangzhuan advertising has become a new bright spot in the field of Wangzhuan temptation. Then because of the advertising and promotion of the system show no restrictions on the Internet were a lot of people up. Google why do that? Is this very famous team can develop such outstanding software and management system, not in the website system is not reflected in the consequences? Can say I am not familiar with the circumstances, after seeing the ad did not hesitate to register. When I joined the initial time, learned that the restrictions and the promotion of the system is also the same as other friends, there is a feeling of being cheated, it is disgusted and some regret not careful. When calm down and think carefully, but found that there is a hidden mystery, then I will take the initiative to do.


website that can click on how much money per hour and every possible income is so much, but, when once you join, you will find the click to fifty yuan revenue per click occurs by about 0.1 yuan to 0.001 yuan to 0.005 yuan. This is called restriction. If we want to lift the restrictions to the development of five members, each member will develop a lift about fifty yuan per click, promotion of five new members to become a senior member, if the five junior and five senior members can also become completely lift limit. We will think at the beginning, if there is no such restrictions, we are in fact better promotion, it will be easy to develop membership, the number of people will join more. In fact, the promotion of this site and other sites to promote the purpose is different. Other sites to promote really is to develop people, and Google wizard is this way? He is the essence of the limit is to limit the number of people to join, indicating that this promotion is not in fact to pull off the assembly line. If you do not limit, there will be a lot of people into the market, then click on the rate of a sudden rise in a sudden, Google Corporation silly?. The restrictions can be adopted to absorb the gradual membership, click rate is gradually rising state. Just like the college entrance examination, the university can not do without students, are in the admissions. The same is the University, Tsinghua University is a university, the university is also the University of all over the place, then why the former is to set up such a high threshold, but also make people want to go in?. Similarly, not Wangzhuan no contacts and members, and only a high return and can not expand the scope that limits.

on the other hand, some people precisely because of the limitations and promotion of the reasons for the half-way back, then, these friends who quit the registration fee even made a contribution, but also lost a chance to make money. Just like you only spend money in the hotel reservation but not to eat, this is another way to Google wizard money. Immediately after I joined a friend to register after the discovery of restrictions and promotion of the problem to give up. I have begun to develop and have a good income, his results can be imagined.

as for some friends ask such a company can survive more >

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