How to achieve through the auction online

has seen a lot of people who want to do the bidding contest, because you can see from the tutorial, the auction is a profiteering project. Many friends have seen a lot of articles on the auction, but the price is still very mysterious feeling, resulting in no way to start. Today, kiss Xingmin analysis of some points for everyone, I hope we can get some inspiration from.

1, do the bidding to find the right product.

products from Taobao mall or Taobao store to find, of course, to analyze the network market, the choice of exclusive products or popular products better. Taobao store friends will download and install Ali Wangwang on my Taobao, or Ali Wangwang daily news page, including daily focus, promotion etc..

in Taobao to find products and sources, and then use the principle of asymmetric information to bid for the alliance to buy traffic sales products. The positioning of the product cost is about 10 yuan, the cost is not too high, because the price of goods to promote the payment, the funds will be turned over.

2, make product bidding page.

products to find, to go to Baidu or Google search for similar products, find out your most satisfied with a page to imitate, that is, copy the product page of others. The inside of the relevant information to modify, it becomes your bidding page. I can copy on their own; they will not spend money to find someone to help you copy.

3, contact logistics.

everyone has a number of logistics companies, some even have a lot of home. We have to choose is faster, better reputation, but also to help you on behalf of the collection of logistics companies, and signed a contract. Based on the product is found on Taobao, the product is certainly not in your local. You can find a large logistics company.

Taobao store in the product and wholesale products from Taobao mall, if you can reach a certain number of free logistics costs. And logistics company signed a contract, into the 5 pieces of goods by the merchant to help you to your designated -10 logistics company, the logistics company on behalf of the custody.

General Logistics cash flow needs 15 days to 30 days, at this time if the capital turnover failure, there is no way to continue bidding, but also need to put every flow in the cost of purchase bidding alliance. So we need to contact the logistics to try to control the time of payment in a week or two weeks settlement settlement time. This logistics company, we are assured to contact.

4, put on bidding.

rookie generally choose Google put on the auction, so we have to choose the product must be allowed to put on Google products, please go to the Google auction Union in advance to understand clearly. How to put the price of a Google account friends can go directly to the auction. No Google account friends, to register a Google bid account is also very simple.

5, customer service.

put on the auction, if someone advice, will naturally find the bidding page of customer service consulting. Customer service

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