B2B profit model

at present our country electronic commerce pattern according to the transaction object mainly divides into three kinds: the enterprise to the enterprise electronic commerce B2B, the enterprise to consumer’s electronic commerce B2C, consumer to consumer’s electronic commerce C2C. Among them, B2B plays a dominant role, is currently China’s most profitable e-commerce model, according to iResearch forecast mechanism, by the end of 2009, the overall size of China e-commerce market will reach 37000 billion yuan, of which B2B market size is expected to reach 26900 yuan.

B2B electronic commerce mode includes two types, one is to carry out electronic commerce of large enterprises to build B2B e-commerce website, the enterprise through the electronic commerce to reduce costs, increase sales, such as Haier, Lenovo launched the online purchasing and distribution online. The other is the third party e-commerce platform, small and medium-sized enterprises of our country have about 30000000, due to the small and medium-sized enterprises of their own conditions, to have the site only more than and 200 million, with the small and medium-sized enterprises to continuously upgrade the cognitive B2B website, the vast majority of small and medium-sized enterprises through the third party e-commerce platform to carry out e-commerce, network marketing. Such as through the third party e-commerce platform to publish and query the supply and demand information, and potential customers online communication and business negotiations, etc.. Third party e-commerce platform is divided into two types: integrated platform. Refers to the electronic commerce website can serve many industries and fields, such as Alibaba, HC, global resources network, China suppliers and other industry vertical platform. Specify an e-commerce site in a particular field. Such as China chemical network, China Medical Network, China Textile network.

below is the main mode of China’s current B2B profit model:

a, B2B profit model – advertising

1, text ads: keywords, text links, information articles embedded in different color text.

2, picture advertising.

3, dynamic advertising, lash, etc..

4, advertising alliance to share advertising on well-known sites.

5, mail advertising.

6, business survey.

two, B2B profit model – Search

1, keyword ranking, refers to the customer through the search keywords ranking.

2, hot words directly to the store or corporate website.

three, B2B profit model – own product sales

1, such as the Alibaba Chinese suppliers, integrity, sunhoo net bamboo wood.

2, industry management software.

3, web member level.

4, enterprise site.

four, B2B profit model – trading

1, trading commissions. >

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