Electricity supplier can easily do video marketing can also get traffic Youku


Youku electricity supplier product manager Li Yuming

· good content not only has the ability of self propagation, but also into the consumer power.

· Youku’s content entrepreneurial incubation platform to provide one-stop service, providing hardware, capital, communication channels and docking advertisers.

·, Youku and Ali’s underlying data will be further opened up, who have seen the video to complete the jump, to achieve the transformation, how to complete the fast shopping guide through the live mode, will become a key issue.

· the establishment of video material library, advertisers can achieve a key forward video guide content, there are more price tag video customization service line.

speech: Youku electricity supplier product manager Li Yuming

finishing: Fan Tingting Photography: Li Jun

I brought to you today is probably very dry dry cargo: what kind of play, can put the content and electricity suppliers together.

valuable content

first to talk about what is content. Tell you a more familiar with the contents of a flat chested married woman, released the first video on YouTube before, is now very popular, she in April 23rd with a release, will be auctioned at Youku, which is a growth of more than half a year of the content.


logical thinking more clearly, but last month with Youku made a conference called "I’m in a cool open lynx shop", which is actually in the video on Youku and Ali electricity supplier is a very important combination. Luo at the press conference also said a story: they don’t take off CEO’s wife was pregnant, but the doctor didn’t take what is a boy or a girl, don’t take off to his fans and the audience launched "a piece of money couldn’t guess peanut male female" activities, selected 100 spectators. Each send a set of his shop products. After the event, the logical thinking of the user, but also earned 70 thousand dollars, which is reflected in the content of marketing and consumer power.

content has the power of communication, and can spread very wide, it will attract the audience, have an influence on them, including the impact on the concept of production, the most important thing is to translate into spending power.

For example, we have

Korean fashion on the platform of special drainage to the explosive goods on Taobao, the explosive goods before businesses do not know, but after the broadcast, the clothes and the related purchasing brand sold out, businesses need to do is to prepare enough inventory in the event have enough voice let the brand influence to continue.

is the content of these cool on the floor? I’m going to talk about how to give these brands Youku youku.

content entrepreneurs incubator platform

Youku is the most important this year

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