Luxury brand e commerce development road


in recent years, e-commerce gradually matured from the start, online shopping products are also from low-end to high-end. After online shopping is gradually accepted by the market and consumers, luxury online shopping undoubtedly become a popular territory. With the rapid development of Internet technology, now go on luxury e-commerce platform has become, many luxury goods companies have vied for the online market for luxury goods, luxury e-commerce is like a raging fire, luxury online shopping is very influential, almost all of the luxury brands are keen to develop the e-commerce market.

and venture capital are often sensitive, but also do not want to give up any chance to get the nuggets. Although the domestic luxury discount site debut only two years ago, but there are many investment cases surfaced. 09 years in December, the charm of financing $13 million, not long ago, DCM and Sequoia Capital $20 million venture capital. In addition, the luxury online shopping is gradually gather popularity, win the consumer.


currently, American online retailer Gilt Groupe, the business revenue reached $170 million in only two years of e-commerce website, open a channel to reduce inventory for brands, has also become a business China peer teaching template. With the rising China luxury consumption, Fifth Avenue,, glamour,, poly still, Huha network…… These businesses up to two years of luxury discount e-commerce sites have risen.

in July 1, 2010, from the United States website of Gilt mode, using the "membership invitation" LuxeHome network officially launched, only 3 months, was well-known investor Lei Jun and Disney’s steamboat ventures under VC (Steamboat) and Morningside ventures (Morningside) million dollar investment.

November 2010, Armani (Armani) in China officially launched the first online consumer e-commerce site, enabled the CN domain name as its official domain name, the website launched on the occasion, luxury companies are increasingly turning to the Internet to achieve growth. Armani has entered the Chinese market through e-commerce, proving that the luxury industry is seeking to expand its influence on the fastest growing Chinese high-end consumer. This is following the GAP, camel, and another to enter the field of e-commerce in China luxury brand.

, the French luxury retail companies PPR has been committed to the development of electronic commerce, the company said recently that the electronic commerce matters will set up a special department to manage the company’s brand, play a synergistic effect, will provide creative and technical support of electronic commerce. PPR CEO Franois-Henri Pinaul said: e-commerce is the strategic focus of PPR. Our goal of improving e-commerce and the determination to further accelerate online sales. In the future

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