The major electricity supplier Qi attack O2O who is O2O’s NO1

in the army of e-commerce, O2O gradually occupied the dominant position of e-commerce. From the electronic commerce business tycoon O2O want to get into the army, although the O2O in China started late, not mature, but the Internet giant electricity supplier who has a heated fight. Who can seize the initiative, who can become the leader of the O2O, all of which are still looking forward to the unknown.

view of the world of e-commerce, from B2B, B2C to C2C and then to the present O2O, it can be said that the domestic e-commerce ushered in its over development. Not only Tencent, Ali, Baidu online and offline comprehensive layout of the O2O, Jingdong, Amazon online also established a O2O layout. Who can grasp the opportunities O2O? Fully occupy the market in all areas of O2O online and offline? The line of two giants in the O2O mode of the comprehensive fighting under the following.

line O2O battle layout

from the convenience store under the line, WeChat meal, and then to the attention of Tencent’s didi taxi and Ali’s fast taxi. Obviously, a lot of electricity providers from the layout of the Internet are a lot of transfer to the layout of the line carefully. O2O from the line to the next line of O2O, each Internet Co want to seize the initiative. Jingdong, WeChat, Alipay, Amazon and 10000 convenience stores, 15 city cooperation, but also potential to squeeze O2O line layout. The major electricity supplier and the establishment of a line of ten thousand convenience stores business relationships, who want to share this big cake convenience store. Alipay access to convenience stores nearly 20000, covering the city of Shanghai, Zhejiang, Sichuan, Guangdong and even in Hongkong, it is the big action, wide coverage. WeChat has 400 million registered users and active users, from the user base, WeChat has an absolute advantage. The number of Ali from the size and coverage of the city convenience store has an absolute advantage, but WeChat not only convenience stores and cooperation, major shopping malls, ordering have WeChat offline O2O layout, can be said that the channel will have a broader, Tencent shares 15% of the shares of the Jingdong, in essence is a "family".

online O2O layout

public comment officially entered WeChat, Tencent fancy public comment, because it has more than 2 thousand and 300 behind the huge line of business data. This is the online public comment on the acquisition of Tencent to create the most powerful line layout of resources. With these powerful business data on the line of business expansion is a powerful trump card. Tencent in the acquisition of public comment, Ali has not been idle, Sina micro-blog also acquired High German map, the U.S. group, made a series of moves for the acquisition of online O2O layout, these moves down powerful extension to the Internet social networking, Ali is also played a combination of boxing.

although the two Internet Co to do a series of online and offline O2O layout. However, the third party payment has been questioned in terms of safety supervision, the central bank emergency >

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