ndustry review portal group QQ group better than the Sina group

July 9th news for Sina and Tencent on July 9th at the same time on-line group purchase platform "Sina" and "QQ group purchase", insiders believe that although both group purchase site in the freshmen ", but from the current actual situation, or will use QQ client’s QQ group, the degree of active users that will be better than the Sina micro-blog or bound" Sina group".


said that the first two from the use of a domain name can be seen, "Sina group" ( is classified under the two level domain name, is not conducive to direct users to find the entrance and are familiar with, if only the promotion of sina micro-blog users. The QQ group ( directly using the two domain name, easy to find.

second, Sina group purchase by "poor life department" (the Ministry of industry, Living Mall channel) responsible, if Sina group purchase industry ministry did not like life itself seriously, I am afraid it is difficult to accomplish something. And although the business model and Tencent QQ group main group purchase website is similar to that of a low price as a selling point to obtain a large number of orders, but using the QQ client, the user activity will be better than Sina or tie "".

also informed sources, Sina group is currently trial run, currently operating only Beijing Railway Station, the official on-line time for July 12th, when it will open a number of city sites. QQ group for trial operation stage, currently only officially launched operations in ShenZhen Railway Station, date unknown.

U.S. Groupon buy site success, so that the domestic more than 400 group buying site in six months, but also attracted a large number of Internet giants, including Taobao, including thousands of oaks competing to buy gold field. Sohu is also the first to launch a website in the portal site – love home group. Because of these giant web traffic control huge and rich business resources, so there are views that, who is difficult to obtain financing and sustained hematopoietic function in the group purchase website, the giant impact will have more than 90% pour out. There are investment bankers predict that 99% of the site will be closed down, leaving the best of the 35. (end)

Sina confirmed on the 12 day of the development prospects of the online shopping platform dispute

Tencent QQ online buy Group officially involved in the business

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