Shop worry Taobao shop must know 30 questions

in Taobao shop more and more friends, the following 30 questions, you must know, otherwise the consequences are very serious!

1, you must know in Taobao shop, unlike Ma propaganda so beautiful, today opened the shop, the day after tomorrow will be successful!


must know the crown shop, gold shop can do together is not a day for two days, it is time to accumulate


3, must know that you are now entering the line, you need to pay ten times the effort to later on!

4, you must know to do business on the Internet to pay attention to integrity, do a bad thing you may lose all the efforts!

5, you must know in the online packaging and hype plays an indispensable role, we must learn to toss!

6, you must know that in order to make money online, you need to learn to spend money, will not be able to earn less money!


must know a lot of the shopkeeper, when you have problems do not know, someone can help you fix


8, must know that cooperation is the hard truth, for those of you with amateur complementary dispensers and keeping good relationship with


9, you must learn to take the initiative to find buyers, who will buy your products, where they are mixed


10, you must always recharge their own, to the shop to learn about the experience of their masters!

11, you must learn to share, you know what to write out, the reality of the introverted, the Internet will not install a cheerful


12, Taobao must pay attention to fraud prevention, liar intelligence absolutely beyond your imagination, or cry is you


must be polite, try not to anyone on the Internet does not respect, otherwise easy to provoke fatal disaster "


14, must have a good mentality, business is not good when looking for reasons, I believe that after the storm must be sunny or may have a rainbow!

15, you must know that the Internet is more than intelligence, not physical, you work 24 hours a day as people use the brain for 1 hours!


must know some things Alipay deal is not credible, must be free to find an intermediary shop network forum


17, you must know the largest flow of Baidu, to learn how to put the person on Baidu into your store!

18, must take part in the activities of Taobao, you will become famous overnight


19, we must ensure that each transaction is a good comment, even if the poor, but also in the poor there to explain why we get a bad review!


and QQ must ensure that Wangwang online every time, because there are a lot of buyers like me, have never used


21, make sure you have an advantage in terms of price, eloquence, or sales, unless you

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