Single channel after the first break of billions of beauty in Tmall Fun Club 2 million

at the end of 2016, the United States in the Tmall single channel sales exceeded 10 billion, 2017, the United States would like to get 2 million members at Tmall, as the commercial Internet as well as the main platform to connect the interaction with consumers.

for the traditional home appliance brands, the creation of Tmall flagship store, not more than one online channel so simple.

at the end of 2016 in the United States in a single channel Tmall sales exceeded 10 billion, Fang Hongbo, chairman of the United States bluntly this is a very remarkable breakthrough in 2017 will continue to deepen cooperation with Ali in various fields. It is reported that in 2017, the goal of the United States in the Tmall platform is to open up 2 million members, in order to serve as the main platform for the United States and the United States and the Internet to connect with consumers.


December 28, 2016, Midea Group held a celebration in Hangzhou, announced the 2016 annual Tmall single channel sales exceeded 10 billion,

has created a new milestone in the history of the appliance industry

why did the United States took the lead in the Tmall breakthrough single channel 10 billion yuan? The general manager of the U.S. electricity supplier company Wu Haiquan said in an interview, the first Tmall help the United States to find the target user, and the user demand for these users timely accurate product precision marketing. These new products can sell so well, in essence, is the result of the successful conversion of demand into orders.

Ali big data through the Internet and energy, the United States gradually realize the production and marketing efficiency, the commercial upgrade. In the manufacturing side, relying on Ali big data, the United States informed consumers in advance of the pain points and expectations of the product, to help produce a product that consumers are really interested in. At the same time in the consumer side, through Tmall and other platforms in time to reach the product target users.

is reported that, in 2017, Tmall will help the United States and more fans and members to establish a direct connection, the relationship between the brand and the consumer restructuring. For the brand, the ability to maintain a close connection with the members of the meaning even more than simply selling itself. However, under the existing distribution system, in addition to the store, the brand member information and data in the hands of the dealer, the brand is not clear the members of the portrait, but also can not interact with members.

in 2016, the United States through Tmall "member", open up the United States flagship store and the dealer’s membership system, so that the United States has a brand centric Tmall membership system. With the help of Tmall business tools, the United States can analyze the target consumer’s age composition, gender ratio, consumer preferences and other characteristics, to help optimize the operation of the brand. Through the fans lying on the member day to achieve continuous interaction with the members. In addition, membership data can feedback to the product development and marketing strategy. For consumers, shopping in the beauty shop Tmall flagship store and the line, can enjoy the rights and interests of the members and integral unity.

as of 2016 double 11, only registered in the Tmall platform will be the United States

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