Jingdong Microsoft alliance electricity providers to test the water of artificial intelligence

double ended eleven lively, in addition to Ali again refresh the record, the electricity supplier industry has no mystery and passion of the past, especially the PC electricity supplier has no space for innovation, transaction data from Ali can be found in mobile business is rapidly rising, accounted for 42.6% of total turnover, the future technological innovation more likely in the mobile terminal.

Tencent wanted to Ali in the mobile business market challenges, has invested in the beauty that the sale of treasure, pocket shopping, Jingdong and other commercial enterprises, and is constantly trying to mobile providers based on the development of WeChat. The reality is that, at present time is not yet mature, Tencent measures do not have a direct impact on Ali stability, really let Ali trembling not to draw more business platform to compete for the market, but beyond the normal mutation technological change driven by the way of shopping, the market volatility caused by the mobile market or a recent opportunity.


, what is it? When? No one can tell, also while trying and groping and leading Jingdong as a Tencent business performance is very positive. In the introduction of Tencent investment for micro Xinshou Q shopping entrance, Jingdong is to do everything possible to find a mobile way, however, the B2C effect is not ideal for the entrance of WeChat. Recently, Jingdong began to try to tap the micro shop based on WeChat to explore the direction of mobile C2C.

egg cannot be put in a basket, in addition to WeChat, Q, Jingdong also need more support, so when a lot of people still do not know, Microsoft wheatgrass has become a buddy Jingdong. Two in the Jingdong before eleven, the new version of APP, users can claim limited wheatgrass, this is the Jingdong and Microsoft cooperation based on the use of big data, the Jingdong responsible for the electricity supplier to provide data and trading platform, Microsoft wheatgrass as shopping companion, will be responsible for the use of integration in mobile consumer market data of the two.

most people have not noticed that the cooperation between the two sides, even if the notice is difficult to comprehend, originally in the social network across Microsoft wheatgrass how all of a sudden fit with the Jingdong, from the social to the electricity supplier span? Actually, the reason is very simple, the two sides are each one takes what he needs.

in the mobile market with big data is realized is a difficult problem, the PC page is relatively large, there are plenty of commodities, advertising, mobile providers by the limitations of the screen, the product showcase a lot less, only based on user behavior analysis of the thousand faces of recommendation is not enough, the use of large electricity providers the data carrier more friendly, or artificial intelligence can play a certain role in the.

, for example, if you buy a TV in the mobile terminal, not like the PC side that opened at the same time, a few pages of products, this time we need a tool to help users to analyze the similarities and differences between several TV, and their respective characteristics, finally according to the needs of users to provide users with the purchase plan in this work, it is artificial intelligence.

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