Pepsi high profile net business in China played the boxing

at the end of last year will be 24 bottling plants stake to Kangshifu, Pepsi recently announced a high profile, and domestic B2C business Tmall (Tmall) co founded the "Pepsi Taobao" officially launched.

the "daily economic news" reporter noted that in addition to Pepsi’s advertising and marketing activities in exchange for the entire Taobao platform, Pepsi basically do not carry out related Pepsi brand products sales, looks more like a collection of various brands of goods and services as one of the electronic commerce platform.

whether it is the idea of the model or the sale of goods, it is difficult to create any cash flow to Pepsi, young consumers are not particularly attractive. Whether it is popular or do sales, Pepsi Taobao or are difficult to achieve." The industry believes that the combination of the previous sale of the bottling plant initiatives, Pepsi Taobao is to increase the outside of the Pepsi business in China to doubt.



Pepsi, Pepsi Taobao is intended to create a domestic first young people’s creative living platform".

daily economic news reporter login Taobao found that the platform is divided into shopping world, play space, gourmet world, original 108, the four plates. In the shopping world plate, there is no lack of Levi’s, HP, NOKIA and other well-known brand products, involving computers, home appliances, mobile phones, clothing and other fields. "Play space" gathered a giant, Shanda, Jinshan and many other game developers launched online props, as well as movie coupons, coupons, etc.. Gourmet world is a joint public comment network, launched and green sushi, Kung Fu, DIO coffee and other food deals and information. "Original 108" is a platform for young people to display ideas and entrepreneurship.

and Taobao mall to sell its own products in the brand’s flagship store, Taobao does not sell Pepsi and Pepsi brand related products, looks more like a collection of various brands of goods and services as one of the electronic commerce platform.

talked about Pepsi Taobao platform which has the exclusive advantage, Pepsi side said that the beginning of Pepsi Taobao brings together 45 trends and limited edition version of the trend of a single product, to achieve the industry’s largest brand linkage. The famous Japan Harajuku tide brand BAPE is also working with Pepsi cross, for the platform exclusive design of a fashion brand line.

business to doubt

The birth of

Pepsi Taobao, Pepsi is regarded as a major innovation and breakthrough in its marketing model. In the eyes of the outside world, Pepsi’s move, how many people do not understand.


platform the content, carrier or forms, which is not consistent with the overall temperament Pepsi of this big company, with a far cry from the current interest in young people." In the future CBCT Marketing Consulting Group Chairman Li Zhiqi seems that the platform can not lead the trend, but also can not bring the line under the Pepsi

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