f Wong Kwong Yu returns the United States and how many chips to revive

[Abstract] although the United States has no longer scenery, but all the key nodes in the well ahead of the layout, for the return of Wong Kwong Yu, provide a good foundation.

reported in June 13th Han Yimin science and technology TencentWong Kwong Yu, who has been in prison for eight years, has been jailed for the last time in his last sentence of

in the last second months. The commutation means that the first half of the United States (micro-blog) to create the kingdom of the former richest man in China, from the day of release from prison is a step closer.

At this time the United States lost

founder has reached eight years, after the founder of imprisonment, the battle for control, the rise of electricity providers and other major events, once the home appliance chain retail Empire, now is facing multiple challenges.

Wong Kwong Yu

business ability outstanding if return to the United States back to the top? And now the industry has lagged behind the United States, Wong Kwong Yu again to leave what’s


no longer scenery

as a pioneer of the domestic home appliance retail chain enterprises, founded in 1987, the United States has been nearly 30 years of history, as the founder of China home appliance retail giant Gome founder Wong Kwong Yu, in the absence of the 8 years, missed the Internet and Alibaba, Jingdong and other electronic business platform rise, missed the old rivals Suning a radical transformation, now the United States, although the performance has not yet suffered cliff style decline, but also no longer scenery.

May 26th, Gome (micro-blog) released 2016 first quarter unaudited results, which showed gross margin and net profit decline.

performance report shows that in the first quarter of Gome group profit attributable to the equity shareholders of about 134 million yuan, a drop of 54.27% compared with $293 million for the first quarter of last year. Such as non operating capital investment losses, adjusted profit will be reduced by 31.35% compared with the first quarter of last year.

for the reasons for the decline of Gome in April 26th, explain the profit warning notice, because the electricity supplier business continued rapid growth, the level of market in the main stores closed shop renovation, resulting in the overall gross profit margin is low.

in fact, Gome in the first quarter of this year the profit decline is just a microcosm of the main business challenges, in recent years, Gome Home appliances retail as the main business always bear the pressure from competitors and suppliers.

traditional retail industry is currently facing downward pressure on the performance, the United States also suffered a store revenue, profit decline dilemma. In order to enhance the benefits of stores under the line, the United States launched the transformation plan to transform the store stores under the line, efficiency improvement of the effect of the line still need to test, but a short time to close the shop Gome’s business transformation will bring negative impact.

in business, although the United States online has achieved rapid growth in the past period of time, but still faces serious challenges in Jingdong, Tmall, Suning and other large online business platform, the short term is difficult to make a profit.

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