Koala sea purchase CEO Zhang Lei we would like to launch a price war

vertical electricity supplier war in this April, the cross-border electricity supplier in the sea as the representative of the outsourcing will undoubtedly become the protagonist. As by the sea as a starting point of the NetEase purchased the koala sea purchase, described in the April electricity supplier war is "actively", koala sea purchase CEO Zhang Lei in an interview with Nanfang Daily reporter on the target and orientation of the koala sea purchase expressed their views.

Nanfang Daily: koala sea after entering the market to choose what kind of direction in the category of


Zhang Lei: in the category, do electricity providers must be thinking. Now a lot of homogenization, but the early may be more homogeneous, which is a process, because the sea Amoy market is just the first mother and child needs to be kind of thing, so we take this as an entry point. We will think about this in the layout of the problem, we have this category and other relatively vertical cross-border electricity supplier will have other categories, such as cosmetics, the basic characteristics of female users is covered. There are some very good sales in overseas markets, is to bring the outbound tourism, we think about what users want from two dimensions.

Nanfang Daily: koala sea claims to buy their own niche, profit is not a long-term strategy to buy a koala


Zhang Lei: profit is a long-term strategy of Koala sea purchase, I think there are ways to make money to make money, this relates to our later strategy, how to make money, now B2C industry often do not make money or money, but we have our own thinking in this regard. The first stage is the most important to quickly occupy the market, and then adjust the pattern, how to make money is not disclosed. Or Internet electricity supplier, not necessarily to make money in this business line.

Nanfang Daily:

electricity supplier to get traffic, will certainly be a large number of burn, to "burn" koala sea purchase is to see how


Zhang Lei: to burn it, we burn the cost is not so high. Why we can do better, because we have the ability to control the industrial chain will be relatively strong, so I actually dare to war, we have confidence in our supply chain, so we will launch the "price war", and "no" on this issue, I have continued to go down. Now there is no loss, but I want to give the user a better price.

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