Luery called for the foreign trade clothing industry should be regarded as cottage version

Institute of foreign trade clothing, many people do not understand, of course, if you did not know how many of the clothing of this business may have some strange language, cited below Gucci interpretation of the word "foreign trade clothing, clothing is the last single, we all know that China labor is cheap, many foreign brands are in Chinese manufacturing in order to prevent, less material will provide some, for the factory by a single production possible period of want or need, and there will be some rest, often less than the cost of sales, said to the end, it is redundant to the end of a single, don’t know this explanation we can understand, but the number of single scope network circulation has been far more than the single end is very simple, these are fake, it is fake, but rather the copycat version of clothing.

because we are more familiar with the cottage industry, from the cottage version of the phone, as well as thousands of oak version Happy network…. Belong to the copycat products, some of the other, I will not enumerate, we all understand that the development of the industry and all industries across the copycat, copycat culture has been China gradually mature, so many people can identify copycat version, some people say, should fight copycat version of mobile phone, because he belongs to the smuggled goods, is a fake. But the people recognized it, because of its high quality and inexpensive, today’s fashion, fashion is not a trend, but was forced by the contrary if you are not in fashion, you will be looked down upon, Chinese is very particular about the dignity and the personality, I am willing to buy fake this price, because I don’t need a genuine, do not know because development too fast, can not control, or other national policies, not when the fake crackdown! Brand clothing in this industry have been developed to mature to birth can allow copycat version of


high imitation clothing, we should have bought, it can let you out of the counter with a grade of taste from the clothing fabric, quality, production, and attached some tag and style to imitate the counter because of price concessions as like as two peas, let more people used to buy these brands from the Internet, many people now have to recognize the industry, some people, some agencies even strike, of course impact is not much, but I don’t recognize this, and other so-called Taobao and some other platforms sold clothing are fake, cheat buyers, but buyers and sellers who do not know is false, one would like to buy one. A wish to sell, I think the country and some other institutions would not the crackdown, to take account of this demand, everyone pay attention to fashion, pay attention to the brand, and in the counter to buy hundreds of thousands of A T-shirt, pants, why not through Taobao and other sites to buy some worsted? Besides that quality is very good, this is a simple question, as long as the quality is good, style counters with the same, who cares about it from where? Whether genuine? Would you


to write this article, some ideas are not, but not for high imitation clothing for a stable development of the road, I do foreign trade clothing, or a high imitation of men, but I can guarantee the quality of the 100% products, I hope the worsted brand can also get out of a copycat version of this is the trend!! enqi dress, should be in this industry.

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