Logistics last mile just need to embrace the line under the O2O line

orders, with the fastest speed to the sellers, the electricity supplier has become a lot of problems, and even some fresh vegetables, network supermarket, put forward 500 meters an hour home delivery, electricity providers who want to speed up the logistics, it is hard, however, from Chinese the fastest logistics SF "Hey" open after a year of no improvement, may not have the logistics advantage, you can succeed, think, in the traditional retail market, they have built their own logistics system, the ecological chain, even the market has been established according to the "system" than the self ecosystem that APP the stronger, more indestructible.

in our area of commercial street, a year also opened three fruit supermarket, three respectively on both ends and in the middle, in the fierce competition, the first first surrendered, because they do not have the logistics system, there is no special distribution of vegetables of the car, and stood in the middle of the day when people are in and Li inferior. The remaining two are all in the party, that is also no problem, but after only 2 years later, the situation has changed, in two vegetable supermarket 500 meters, opened a large supermarket fruit and vegetables, and some fruit and vegetable prices low, "outrageous" store is the original two supermarkets is more than 2 times, sales who is more than 3 times, and is the chain operation, said the whole city, their stores and many 10, from the city of radiation to the urban and rural areas, not a long time, a supermarket to lease rent prices because of reasons, withdrew from the competition. This is the brutal competition in the market itself, better than the electricity supplier platform to tell a better story.

said many business platform, we have the price advantage, even the prices of many commodities are really cheap, but, you know, people who love online shopping to 80, 90, they really have time to look at the price? Especially the price of fruit and vegetable supermarket. In the traditional market, the main force is not young, but the old man, for example, once the egg price from 4 yuan a kg down to 10 yuan per 3 pounds, and bought 10 pounds, will soon see a long line discharge. In a business platform, we made such a promise, one hour delivery, if not satisfied, we will refund the goods the seller of their processing. If the news is known to the old ladies, ah, two days will turn you yellow. The ideal is full, the reality is very skinny, as the purchase of the main vegetable, the Internet is not cold, but with considerable skepticism

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talk about the rural electricity supplier, is now the biggest problem is to solve the problem of rural electricity supplier logistics, but there is a problem that can not be avoided, the current China rural electricity supplier who invested with much land and few people, if build storage, build logistics system, it may be difficult to recover the cost. There is a problem to say, even if there is no electricity, rural products have to transfer out, such as a child in the city, you can "send" the current agricultural products by coach parents and children, the local bus, because fewer tourists, and "take goods" can also get good in the course of time, income, formed its own logistics system, this system originates from.

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