Liu Chuanzhi openly ask for advice God carved weapon would readily hailun willow peach

introduction: Recently, Lenovo holdings chairman Liu Chuanzhi publicly expressed chiefs, the arrival of the mobile Internet in the logic of thinking, breaking a lot of traditional knowledge and experience, humbly said: "we cannot read". At the same time really named God carved, white crow, his uncle and a number for how the mobile Internet is the marketing of agricultural project "old Liu Liu tao". The following is the God carved their trick.


thank you. Thanks to the old Liu taiai.

If I

trader Liu Tao said, the first thing that one thing is the most important, is to put additional aliases: "Liu Tao Chi peach".

according to the positioning theory, people’s mind, there is usually a "battle mode". We used a very good guy has to find a reference, then the United States would have a Su Ning, with Alan Tam a Leslie Cheung, Coca-Cola will have a Pepsi, ghost blows a tomb notes, there is Zhang Qiling wu……

as we all know, in recent years in the agricultural products fruit industry, the most eye-catching is undoubtedly Zhu Shijian Chu orange, and can become the planes compared with Chu orange, and only "Chi tao".

there must be some impatient guy would ask, Chu Liu orange peach not enough to do the hutch? Why bother to name


this relates to the source of the text I talked about before".

first, the fruit is not a "unlimited modified" products, although I have to admit, Chu orange really hard to eat, up to now have to swallow slobber, but swallow too slobber to say, after all, unlike the fruits of technology products, can not do the products through technological innovation significantly ahead of peers, as iPhone two years ago the Android camp (this is not fully suppressed fruit fruit). Liu peach again excellent, but still a kiwi, food well, after eating out almost everyone.

then, let’s recall. In fact, Chu orange 2010 began selling on the market, but the real knowledge, as the key point of the well known, it is more than a year ago, was unearthed "emotional positioning inspirational orange".

all of a sudden, detonated popular. Zhu Shijian lives in the ups and downs of experience and age is still sigh,, have become the best footnote endorsement and inspirational orange. Therefore many people cheered, is said to have a feel confused the little guy, specifically went to Yunnan Ailao Mountain to see Zhu Lao in the elderly be pestered beyond endurance.

"inspirational", in order to give people the life force, and then wronged you and Zhu Shijian Bibi, immediately feel nothing right? This is the heart of the emotional touch, password strength.

back to Liu Tao, this thing behind the best emotional support, is Liu Chuanzhi himself.

Liu Lao as China entrepreneur generation godfather, hand to create a huge business empire. >

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