E commerce platform network user information to create a strict trial bynano high credit quality

news June 28th, domestic famous B2B e-commerce platform, our network ( in July 1st took the lead in the implementation of all registered users to record the audit system, individual members will realize the identity authentication system, member companies will implement business license, code certificate, tax registration certificate authentication and implement all information audit system, B2B electronic commerce website this China is the first comprehensive certification and full implementation of the case of information system audit.


network operators responsible person Shen Lingtao told reporters the Admin5 station network, according to the relevant departments of statistics, the scale of China’s online shopping market in 2010 will reach 490 billion yuan, more than 1 billion 300 million people online shopping. Although the overall size of China’s e-commerce development each year in more than 100% of the speed, but the Internet e-commerce platform information, false information, fraud illegal information as well as repeat a lot of junk information too much, if not managed an average of 40% of false information, illegal information, information and repeat information with liar e-commerce sites, especially the well-known e-commerce website platform, is not conducive to the healthy and orderly development of e-commerce industry,

as an e-commerce trading platform, the purpose is to provide the seller with the best trading platform, to provide buyers with safe and convenient trading services. But as any e-commerce trading platform, the inevitable trade disputes and the integrity of the enterprise, whether it is for the seller or buyer transaction disputes and the integrity of the enterprise is always a headache, the problem of credit transactions has become one of the important bottleneck that restricts the development of electronic commerce.

June 27th, Premier Wen Jiabao visits in the investigation of the Alibaba also pointed out to be authentic, he pointed out: "e-commerce platform of e-commerce to provide a fair and convenient online communication platform, a reliable logistics information platform, a credit payment platform, electronic commerce has infinite development potential."

it is an important way to effectively control the network fraud, so it is very important to establish an effective online transaction authentication mechanism and improve the credit level of both parties.


network has passed the qualification examination and confirmation of the enterprise, enterprise trade credit scores and ratings, corporate credit rating and verification methods for website users to quickly choose the most valuable and most honest, most potential customers at the same time, the qualification, credit fraud enterprise information for screening, review of all the users the release of information, incomplete information will not be approved, the electronic commerce website platform for users to create a healthy and honest.

One of the five B2B e-commerce platform China

as the most popular business, our network to business in our study, in our exchanges, in our success, in our "interactive information exchange platform for the mission, committed to set up between buyers and suppliers, build enterprise industry aggregation, communication, learning and sharing the growth of the Internet, shopping district, for Chinese >

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