Seize the opportunity to buy 300 yuan monthly income of 3000 yuan the actual experience of the doma

used to play when PW in the Baidu search "Stan", found the front row of Baidu http://s.www.wp999.cn station, find a lot of good servers on top, add it to my favorites, I was the site of the user.

later found above the daily release of PW less slowly, even for a few days is not updated, I didn’t know why, later in the station to learn some knowledge after the special search engine to Baidu search (this station is in front of the favorites, and then search directly open) found that Stan has not seen this station trace, site:www.wp999.cn, found that Baidu has been pulling the hair. At that time began to learn to do stand, play games less, so for some time no attention.

this year, probably in March and April, I am boring. I want to find a net game play, open the station again, found the original site has not, there is a navigation page, the upper right corner of the domain name "link, I went in, that is a special sale of expired domain name the web site.

is learning to do stand, the heart has long been a webmaster idea, this is just a chance. I want to first assess the value of the domain name, see the Google Toolbar, PR value is above 2, the first feeling is play; and then go to the Baidu site www.wp999.cn, delighted to find that because the site into navigation page, even to be Baidu included 3 pages (so many friends site is Baidu pull Mao tried to not know what. Here, the bar); I serendipitously search "gentleman" in Baidu, surprised to find that what keywords are not actually appear in the Baidu station, the first page of the last one, this time Baidu snapshot has been completely irrelevant is the navigation page, from title to not a "gentleman", also ranked tenth in the original basis to explain stationmaster it relatively solid.

is such a good chance, the domain name is not to buy, but my heart whispered, do not know their own strength can not afford. Add that to sell the domain name website customer service QQ, is a beauty, ask the price, told me to sell 600; first felt delighted, but this time can not be revealed, huiliaoyiju how so expensive? The other list many reasons, the PR value is 2, Baidu included, but also every day a lot of traffic is Baidu search the gentleman (she appears to know); I said can not be cheaper, she said no, this is the lowest price. I pretend that I told her very knowledgeable, now the station is completely different, no page and gentleman keywords coherent point, at any time will be Baidu pull hair, that time is not valuable. Customer service said she asked the manager tomorrow contact.

on the second day, I went to the Baidu search under the "Netcom", the first page actually did not have! Is it K? Quickly turn to page second, also

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