The sale of electronic business platform and selling inferior departments to force cleanup chaos phe

China Economic Net Beijing on August 15th news (reporter Tong Mingbiao) "I am Chen Europe, I speak for the fake" ridicule, this one had a very cool ad instantly turned into the most ironic, jumei.com recently traced the sale of luxury fake news has attracted much attention and discussion about selling electricity supplier will again detonated network. As we all know, the rapid development of online shopping, online shopping scale has expanded year by year, according to statistics, in 2013 has reached 1 trillion and 850 billion, an increase of more than 40%. The rapid development of online shopping in convenience to consumers and also brought some trouble, net sales of fake and shoddy products, the phenomenon often occurs, in addition to jumei.com selling events, just a few days ago, the sampling results released by the Jiangsu Bureau of quality supervision of T-shirts, shirts and skirts products also showed that the sample pass rate network platform in 2-4. China economic net reporter learned that the quality of the product appeared in the online shopping has aroused the attention of the State Administration of quality supervision, the State Administration for Industry and commerce, the China Consumer Protection association. Many industry insiders also said that the reason for this problem is in many aspects, both factors of suppliers and network platform, there are regulatory factors, and even consumer demand has also become one of the reasons, in order to solve this problem is to improve and strengthen the regulatory system construction angle from the electronic business platform itself more effort.

, jumei.com, Amazon and other well-known online shopping platform for quality events

days ago, the media reported that the jumei.com third party merchant lucky sunny suspected of selling fake and detailed exposure of its entire operation chain. Jumei.com once again pushed to the spotlight, for this, jumei.com issued a statement in response said it had launched an emergency investigation has been closed lucky sunny shop, and all the goods from the third party platform emergency stop sale of the shelf.

in the near future, Jiangsu Province Quality Supervision Bureau organized for T-shirts, shirts, skirts products quality supervision and inspection results show more network platform product quality problems, the quality and safety risk, 3 kinds of products on the network platform of the sample pass rate of 42.4%, 34.4% T-shirts, shirts, skirts products 26.7%. China economic network reporter was informed that the checks, the Jiangsu Bureau of quality supervision network platform including Jingdong, shop No. 1, dangdang.com, Amazon, Mcglaughlin, suning.com, Taobao, Tmall, Eric, pat. Sampling results show that the lowest pass rate of goods sold on Amazon the lowest pass rate, including T-shirts and skirts of the product pass rate of 0, shirt pass rate of 14.3%.

also plagued consumers online shopping and overseas purchasing and selling. Originally, people choose overseas purchasing figure is fidelity and low price, but now purchasing some taste, a lot of fakes full of them. Suppliers to sell fake goods to the purchasing agent. According to a lady who is engaged in the purchase of the introduction of general purchasing business is doing well, there will be a supplier initiative to contact you. While purchasing and selling is all kinds of tricks, some businesses sell is pure fake, some sales is the same with the genuine materials of high imitation goods, also.

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