Suning com sales in the first half of 5 billion 280 million yuan less than expected


Suning first half price movements (Tencent technology plan)

Tencent Francisco (min XI) Suning Appliance (002024) on Friday evening released results announcement notice of amendment. The report said the online business (suning.com) the first half of the year to achieve sales of 5 billion 280 million yuan (including tax). Suning.com said the annual 20 billion yuan at the end of the task will not change, still within two years to achieve autonomous B2C industry first.

Suning Appliance 2012 semi annual results announcement notice that the correction is expected in the first half profit range of 17.3-19.8 billion yuan, down 20%-30%. This performance is lower than the market expected, the sales target of suning.com’s online business year is 6 billion yuan, only 5 billion 280 million yuan.

Analysis report

SW said suning.com annual sales is expected to reach 14 billion yuan. Note that, at the beginning of suning.com’s annual sales target is 30 billion yuan, 20 billion yuan in sales base.

suning.com executive vice president Li Bin confirmed the figures in micro-blog, said vigorously into the first half of suning.com and by discounts to consumers has been a drag on the group’s overall performance growth.

Li Bin, chairman of Suning Appliance Zhang Jindong said suning.com must accelerate development, based on long-term, do not consider the short-term interests, continue to increase, market information, Logistics comprehensive investment, maintain a competitive advantage, especially the 12 regional automated picking center must be put into use within two years, and the original computer was transferred to the general manager of suning.com category.

in addition, the recent market rumors that suning.com will also purchase domestic vertical electric business website, the flagship high-end clothing brand Martha Marceau become a takeover target of.

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