E commerce sites to reduce transaction disputes in order to steadily develop

as an e-commerce trading platform, the purpose is to provide the seller with the best trading platform, to provide buyers with safe and convenient trading services. However, as a platform for e-commerce transactions, there will inevitably be a trade dispute. Whether for the seller or the buyer, or to provide a platform for the transaction transaction dispute is always a headache, is one of the important factors restricting the development of e-commerce. After the completion of the transaction, due to the two sides of the commodity price, product quality, service costs, service and other aspects of the views of the emergence of disputes and disputes caused by disunity. For sellers to spend time and energy to solve these disputes, also let oneself have several layers of profit business, into a loss of business, or even lose everything. For buyers, spend money to buy things, but the result was a pile of unnecessary trouble. In the final analysis, both buyers and sellers will ultimately attributed to the trading platform. The industry is not the same, the price of the goods are not the same, the probability of a transaction dispute is also higher, then, how to maximize the prevention of trade disputes arising from the following points must be noted:

to solve the problem of inconsistent commodity information

The main reason for the

transaction disputes is that the commodity information does not match". To solve the problem of inconsistent commodity information, it greatly reduces the occurrence of transaction disputes. The reason for the discrepancy of the commodity information comes from the commodity information when the seller releases the goods, or if the seller and the Buyer agree on the good agreement. In order to avoid information asymmetry, it is necessary to fill out the details of the real and effective commodity information from the source. Take software products, the program supermarket in accordance with the characteristics of the software industry to do a detailed division, from the commodity classification to small classification, from the name of the commodity to the picture, the production time, presentation, etc.. From the perspective of building their own e-commerce platform, in order to avoid the commodity transaction information does not match the problem is under a lot of effort, but the commodity information does not match the problem to be resolved are important factors, or from the transactions of the seller. How can we let the seller to improve the integrity of the integrity of the sale of goods to fulfill their responsibilities and after-sales service platform must develop a series of measures to regulate the behavior of the seller, the formation of a conscious atmosphere. This problem needs to be developed in the platform to mature stage, all the rules and regulations have been formed, with a large number of fixed users can be implemented.

two platform to improve the credit mechanism

The credit mechanism provided by

e-commerce platform is an effective way to reduce the transaction risk in the course of the transaction, most of the buyers are through the credit and historical evaluation to examine the integrity of the seller. According to the survey, 09 years of e-commerce platform because of the credit mechanism issues arising from the transaction dispute is much higher than the problem of the commodity itself. This shows that e-commerce platform needs to be improved in the credit system. Buyers in the choice of the seller, 90% is based on the seller’s credit value and the evaluation of other buyers to choose. Even if there is a dispute over the sale of the seller, the transaction will also be the cause of the dispute analysis.


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