Zhejiang tinsou electricity supplier industry business myth

enterprise marketing is based on the development of the individual market forecast, there is a big challenge for the policy makers. The rapid development of the domestic economy has a strong appeal for any operator. Because of the existence of such temptations, part of the business owners will also be positioning is not clear, the direction of the development of errors and other issues. But Zhejiang tinsou believe that as long as the management of the brand positioning clear, prudent, can avoid getting lost in the development.


has a more typical example. The company has a well-known domestic electricity supplier over a period of time to make a transition platform to do a lot to try, but eventually settle a matter by leaving it unsettled. Looking back it trying to transition before the performance of the market, in 2008 160 million yuan, 600 million yuan in 2009, 2 billion yuan in 2010, 2011 has reached 35-40 billion yuan, the annual growth rate is almost 3-4 times in between. And that is to take the platform of the development path, it blindly increase the category of goods, clothing quality has declined. In order to pursue the sale of the product is to control the user can not accept the error, which will give the customer a negative impression. In the process of enterprise development, positioning, development, management is indispensable, especially the clear positioning is the basis for the development of enterprises. The enemy awareness, itself that is to clarify the opponent also should understand their own.

enterprises in the development process can not be smooth sailing, only after a difficult trial to embrace success. But to avoid risks, develop the right strategy is the key to the development of a more stable business. Zhejiang day search is a mobile Internet companies, mainly engaged in the development of enterprise migration platform. In the course of the development of the search, the same will encounter some problems and tests, but the day search can always work together to overcome difficulties. I believe that as long as the efforts will not be able to overcome the problem.

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