Gome online 2015 strategy to the center of the agency and the store

news December 23rd, chairman Mou Guixian said yesterday, Gome online 2015 Gome online five strategic planning to billion state power network, and pointed out that the first key point is the logistics layout, followed by "Gome Home" project and "individual centered social and store model will become an important source of incremental market two.

Mou Guixian followed by the introduction of the United States online next year’s five major strategies. He will be the layout of logistics as the United States in 2015, the first priority, and said it would be the most important core competitiveness. Gome online in 2014 has launched a time limit and up to two related distribution services. In the future, the United States will be covered by the two cities online services expanded from the 146 to the 400, covering the city’s online orders are all around the sub warehouse near the delivery. Mou Guixian is expected, only the timing of the logistics project landing, in 2015 the United States will increase sales of online sales to more than 50%.

Gome online in 2015, the second strategy is to start the United States home project. Mou Guixian explained, "the United States" will take the family as the center to provide related services and products to users, including home appliances, intelligent equipment, decoration and other categories of products, Home Furnishing online and 3D user experience personally on the scene. Mou Guixian expects the United States in 2015 to be able to project through the project for 100 thousand families, the project is expected to bring a doubling of sales growth.

Mou Guixian said, the United States and the United States is not the biggest source of incremental market, the United States and the United States, the third online strategy to focus on the center of the individual plus store mode will bring greater imagination. The model is an attempt to de center concept, next year, the United States will be online by the end of the mobile user and the next line closer links, online and offline channels are increasingly difficult to split."

United States did not on the online social plus store mode in detail, but revealed that there has been an independent team in the secret to start the project, which is a very important business line. Mou Guixian said that the project is likely to cooperate with the WeChat team.

In addition,

, social plus store mode and the United States next year’s fourth online strategy to achieve further channel sink are involved in the mobile terminal and O2O business, so there is a close relationship between the two. Mou Guixian explained to the state power grid, "further channel sink" is mainly about the United States online O2O strategy, Gome online will rely on the group of the United States in the three or four line of the city’s resources to achieve user sink stores. The strategy and social plus store mode in the business there is a coincidence, the two project team will cooperate, but the next two projects will be launched separately for the user service.

Gome online next year’s fifth strategy is the layout of Internet banking. Previously, the United States has been launched online for users of the balance of value-added services u.s.. In the future, the United States will launch online P2P, payment instruments, financial services, supply chain finance, such as a full set of Internet Banking

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