How to locate the marketing style of our website

The positioning of the

marketing website, first of all, it is necessary to clear the demands of the marketing website style, the general website appeal style is divided into rational appeal and emotional appeal. Any website marketing are faced with a choice: website management should be to build the website into a marketing class based on the objectivity of evidence, or should do a good job of customer experience, create a good feeling of emotional marketing


in general stress theory and logical, rational requirements is based on facts, is down to do practical things for the customers, and how many ignore some emotional marketing. The emotional appeal of marketing, too much investment in the customer’s emotional approach, compared to the value of the product is more ignored.

emphasizes the rational appeals of the site requires more facts as basis, according to the product or technology as the core, through the product or technology, highlighting the characteristics of enterprises, marketing activities, product or technology visual impact and appeal to impress customers. This type of site, often in the product or technology investment is very large, in the website of the publicity articles to spend a lot of ink. So as to establish a reasonable market position, and strive to build a technology leader in the minds of customers in order to create a sense of technical superiority.

emphasizes the emotional appeal of the site is more to establish corporate image based, service oriented. The service here has two meanings, one is their own business services, such as the service industry. Second, the enterprise customer service. Through customer service to enhance the status of enterprises in the customer’s mind, thereby promoting marketing. Therefore, this type of website is must pay attention to the website design and creative style, and then establish a strong customer service staff, the number of staff although not too technical ability is good, but it must be sincere hospitality, affable and delicate emotions, and a group of people to move customers.

the emotional appeal of the website are generally good at exaggerate or create a unique corporate culture, embodies the unique concept of a website in products and services, can never let customers feel in a story, but a genuine truth.

of course, out of the emotional appeal and rational demands of the site marketing style, and now there are some comprehensive marketing style website. Comprehensive marketing style website is not to say that they are the best, not. The marketing style of the website is different, can not say which style is good, which is not good. Comprehensive marketing style website is only for emotional and rational appeals to grasp the more average, a web site also not only refers to the emotional appeal, because of emotional and rational demands of each site will need to build, as we invest more in what kind of style.

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