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was once the "double 11" will be in full swing to the car how much sales? May wish to take a look at a set of data: according to the latest statistics of the Automobile Association, November sales of 2 million 90 thousand and 900 cars, compared to 1 million 987 thousand and 200 units in October, the increment of only 103 thousand and 700 cars. However, just a month before the "double 11", many electric cars have brush performance, only Tmall, car home, easy to order 3 of the cumulative amount has exceeded 600 thousand vehicles. This makes buddies can not help but exclaim: "double 11" of the 600 thousand car go? "

manufacturers need direct contact with consumers, electricity supplier channels to make the direct contact between the manufacturer and the customer into a mezzanine, and then the big data is still in need of direct contact with the customer to get the customer emotional judgment. Electricity supplier to replace the dealer to feedback the customer’s information, the manufacturer’s market experience and judgment may be serious failure." The national passenger car market information secretary general Rao, automotive electricity supplier to create a "big data" and the real market situation may be different.

is the "gold content"

November interest rates to promote greater car market, both to ease the financing pressure on dealers, but also to increase the rate of consumer credit sales promotion effect. September has begun to gradually increase the effectiveness of subsidies for energy-saving vehicles, the recent independent brand A/A0 class car has shown signs of recovery. Rigid supply from the joint venture production capacity is strong, the second half of the manufacturers inventories continued to grow still continued in November, which also led to the November car city is still in the promotion of Zeng Dazhong." From the analysis of the car market in November can be seen in the car, the month of the 103 thousand and 700 incremental contains a variety of positive factors, and the contribution of the automotive electricity supplier in which almost negligible".

according to the public data show that the double 11 day car home to confirm the order of the total 37117 vehicles, all the way Car Buying volume of 2488 vehicles; the order of the 532331 station BITAUTO clues, which confirmed the same day volume of 15796 vehicles; Tmall during the entire "double 11" Car Buying Carnival Festival, orders for 50 thousand and 700 car. As for the frequent one hundred thousand, hundreds of thousands of online orders, the conversion rate is low line again criticized.

According to

director of a car brand sales data provided by the "double 11" activities, the brand won the sales orders and the actual turnover of the situation in the province are as follows: the car home received about 600 orders, 10 days after the actual number of transactions reached around 30%; received about 120 easy car orders, orders for Tmall 270 to 280, because they do not specify dealers, manufacturers can not be statistics specific implementation. In fact, after the 2013 "double 11" activities, the passenger car sales growth of only 5.64%, and this year in the automotive supplier comprehensive rush "double 11" background, November sales growth of only 5.21%.

electric car manufacturers have come up with the order of the car rather than the actual amount of vehicles to defend the authority of its data, but it is not a question that, in the

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