The electricity supplier personnel training scale in employment but intense market demand

electronic information is the current trend, the future of e-commerce unlimited. However, on the one hand is the demand of e-commerce talents is growing rapidly, on the other hand, universities and other organizations to increase emission prompted a large number of talents cultivation of e-commerce talents, this industry is gradually converted into the talent shortage employment tension.

first, the current situation of e-commerce talent

electronic commerce is a new major, just opened in 2007 2001, just set up based on the electronic commerce, as of April 2010, more than 300 ordinary high school and vocational school approved by the Ministry of education for the record or courses in electronic commerce e-commerce professional, professional direction students read hundreds of thousands of people, among them, there are one hundred thousand graduate students this year, the number of e-commerce can not meet the demand, only from this perspective, e-commerce talents should be the meat and potatoes. But this is not the case. Electronic commerce has been extended more than ten years in China, but the employment success rate has been hovering around 20%, far behind the college employment rate of 70%, while the actual e-commerce talent demand gap has reached 2 million, this is an embarrassing situation of domestic e-commerce talents.

two, the enterprise of e-commerce talent on the job requirements

The future employment direction of e-commerce talent

many colleges can’t clearly define their culture, their training objectives proposed widely, with the "universal" as the goal of application, but this does not comply with the Chinese enterprise at present to the electronic commerce talented person’s professional and practical needs. According to the social need for talents to determine the ability of e-commerce majors have, for the students, all is the premise of good job, then you must know exactly what electronic commerce specialized must have the ability and knowledge, based on the type and position of electronic commerce talents on the analysis, we can analysis the ability to the electronic commerce post from the following four levels must have requirements:

the first layer, e-commerce is built on the basis of network hardware layer. At this level, the general need to understand computer servers, switches, routers and other network equipment, know about performance, enterprise network products such as CISCO know; routing protocol, TCP/IP protocol, familiar with local knowledge, ability of network design, installation, maintenance and management. This level, CISCO’s CCNA, CCNP, CCIE certification authority in the industry. Generally speaking, e-commerce curriculum system involves this level of something less.

second layer, e-commerce implementation of the software platform. At this level, it involves the selection, installation, debugging and maintenance of the server operating system, database, security and e-commerce system. For example, Microsoft’s Windows operating platform, the server operating system currently has Server2003; database has SQL Server; e-commerce applications have Commerce Server, Content Manageme>

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