nventory cross border electricity supplier tax before the implementation of new major cross border

March 24th, the Ministry of finance, the General Administration of customs, the State Administration of Taxation issued a notice, since April 8th, China will implement cross-border e-commerce retail import tax policy, and adjust the tax. The new tax reform once out of the news immediately in the cross-border electricity supplier industry has triggered a heated debate, the newspaper continued to screen. I believe that the major cross-border electricity providers in the platform to assess the impact of the new deal on their own platform, adjust the next phase of the operation plan.

is not a new tax effect

in accordance with the new deal, the cross-border electricity supplier is no longer applicable to import and export tax, but to limit the amount of tax exemption, the excess part of the VAT and excise duty to give a certain discount concessions. Single transaction limit of 2000 yuan, the annual limit for the individual transactions of RMB 20000 yuan, if exceeded the limit, in accordance with the general trade import tax.

the introduction of the new tax reform is to further standardize the cross-border electricity supplier industry, boost the industry towards a more healthy and orderly development. But still have great influence on the tax reform before using post tax arbitrage in small business, when the price advantage is no longer, then perhaps there will be countless similar once the star of cross-border business enterprise that fall honey amoy.

NetEase koala sea purchase for the new analysis: after the tax reform, although some of the goods before the tax rate is increased, but the overall increase rate of co.. At the same time, we need to see is that beauty makeup, skin care products and other goods category of tax rate also declined. Overall, there is still a preferential tax rate than the traditional trade import mode.

so the face of the advent of the new window period, the major cross-border electricity supplier platform is how to deal with it?

held a conference to highlight the overall strength of

although many industry insiders said that the implementation of the new deal will particularly affect the self bonded warehouse model of electronic business platform. But in March 29th, the main mode of self NetEase in Beijing sea purchase koala held a "half a great in strength and impetus, invite cross-border electric district" in the conference. During the NetEase board chairman and CEO Ding Lei said, NetEase will continue to support the development of NetEase koala sea purchase".

On the one hand

supported by the NetEase of the group, on the other hand, the NetEase koala sea purchase will continue to enlarge the media type electricity supplier advantages, such as: global direct sourcing, self-management, self construction, price control, warehousing and logistics chain capital strength, through all aspects of the control in order to achieve cross-border procurement of goods and channel cost. NetEase koala sea purchase to do enough to deal with the rising cost of the new deal.

in the NetEase koala sea purchase, the real impact of commodity prices is the cost, and the final test of the level of the construction of overseas supply chain of cross-border electricity supplier, there is a short board in the supply chain platform, will be a bigger challenge. At the press conference in the morning, NetEase and Emart Swisse, the koala sea purchase, Libero, honey, Newcombe Mars, Mead Johnson and other overseas famous brand, has signed the authorization, starting new cooperation agreement, take this into.

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