A food and beverage company O2O survival model

look at China’s O2O industry, industry events in 2013, one after another, so that the electricity business is bustling. Is a sudden change in the situation China O2O market, each signal point not far in the future. When 2013 in autumn, O2O’s story is just beginning, the industry too much interpretation of capital events, formed the O2O market surge high and sweep forward shock wave.

2013, the O2O business is an extraordinary year, extraordinary is that experienced a concussion and adjustment of the previous two years, in the wake of thousands of war, falling profits and other unfavorable factors, 2013 is the year of harvest dense willow trees and bright flowers.

this year, entered into the new channel force, ground promotion activities in various forms is a tug of war hero, as hungry as a representative of the marketing channel become the highlight of the ground. In addition to food, the clatter of the net "flash to eat" improve white-collar lunch and other new formats are constantly growing and prosperous.


advanced catering hardships rise

at present, in addition to "eat lunch flash", in order to save time, the number of ordering package patterns as well as the emergence and growth of bamboo shoots after a spring rain, well-known enterprises in the industry are different degrees of participation and attention to this kind of new marketing method.

July 2013, crashed into the Xizhimen district network to promote the flash to eat before the surrounding office buildings and residential areas conducted in-depth research. Survey results show that white-collar workers in the office area of the restaurant business within the scope of loyalty is very high, for the allocation of lunch time is also very distressed. At the same time, these white-collar consumption amount in the lunch, with a strong commitment.

based on research results, the clatter of network decisively adjusted originally in the Internet promotion and publicity strategy, and the implementation of the promotion strategy of strong ground surrounding Xizhimen.

this is a bold strategy, because before this, O2O enterprises are almost all in the Internet market advertising propaganda bombardment. At that time, crashed in Xizhimen district does not have the visibility, made without any brand to spread propaganda under such a decision is to need courage. Crashed network official told the author, through the analysis of the market, they noted, Xizhimen District O2O to enter the threshold is relatively low, the consumer rejection of the new application are generally not strong.

just crashed into the ground phase of the promotion, brand awareness, trust degree is not high, if the innate constraints in negotiations with the catering business, may have to accept the harsh conditions of market access. Through the promotion of the ground sweeping style, the clatter of network based on its own good terminal management mechanism and management ability, in more detail, practicing internal strength.

know through the Xizhimen District food businesses, the final selection of Hunan lookout Park, spicy temptation, xinladao, bull cattle seven catering brand as the typical model case.

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