E commerce success 1 N model

called its own online store is easy to understand, is to establish their own e-commerce sites, e-commerce business independently.

in a number of years ago, because the payment system is not perfect, the lack of integrity of the building network, consumer habits cure, although there are many companies engaged in e-commerce construction and solutions on the market, but the construction of e-commerce enterprises to provide information more stay online and offline sales model, it is difficult to implement. But in recent years, rapid development of the electricity supplier industry has solved many difficulties in the construction of e-commerce enterprise, to carry out the construction of e-commerce enterprises, twists and turns, has been presented in front of us.

for businesses, especially small and medium-sized businesses, can have its own independent domain name, product and brand image and style consistent online mall, provide the characteristic service for customers, cultivate customer loyalty for the enterprise, the temptation is irresistible. With the choice of a well-known B2C platform to build a network of shops not to dominate their own to sell goods, who is the best choice?.

but lie in front of many small and medium-sized businesses can also hinder understanding. For them, the selection of third party platform to build online business is pretty good, if one of your own e-commerce site selection of independent construction, the original user how to go to the new platform? Their own independent online store is facing the task of building and promotion, in this stage the online business enterprise how do the influence of


actually change a train of thought, we do not have to choose a two, you can choose a 1+N mode, that is: 1 independent mall +N shop. You are in Taobao, Jingdong, Dangdang, excellence, pat set up a number of online shop will, in the meantime, and then build an independent online shopping mall.

independent mall has three advantages, first of all to cultivate loyal old customers; second is conducive to the construction and dissemination of the brand; and more importantly, is able to grasp the fate of the enterprise in their own hands. The online store also has its advantages, after all, through the influence of the third party platform, can bring a steady stream of new customers and new business opportunities for online stores. The 1+N model will be made one of the advantages of both.

and mention the construction of an independent online shopping mall, has long been the practice of the past. The past bought a set of software and solutions, enterprises should have the specialized technical personnel to the construction site, and is responsible for the maintenance, the work is difficult for small and medium enterprises, they lack of professional and technical personnel website. In the rapid development of information technology today, the construction of e-commerce model based on cloud has emerged, for small and medium enterprises, only need to be equipped with customer service for online mall, technology and service problems enterprises need, can be provided by the supplier in the cloud. (text / Zhang Xiaonan)

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