B2B industry website development trend forecast for the next 5 years

wrote in the article: in 2008 July, I wrote an article: "the next 5 years the development trend of B2B industry portal 10 forecast", the article got thousands of reprint, over time more than a year, today’s view still has a certain reference value for the analysis. According to the new trend of development, this article added part of the line, and is divided into segments and industries to introduce two kinds of.

B2B industry website currently has developed into an industry can not be ignored, although most of the enterprise itself is not large, can only be regarded as small and medium-sized enterprises, but because of the company involved, a wide range of industries, practitioners more, it is a worthwhile investment industry, in 2009 just before, when it comes to 2010 the development trend, and we explore the B2B industry website in the next 5 years. Although that is the trend of development, many service mode is also many B2B industry websites are doing, and do well, this is just the reproduction and selection of some of the future will focus on the development of the service to analysis and forecast. B2B industry website can be divided into B2B major industry website and B2B subdivision industry website, and their development direction can be divided into online and offline, and now to be discussed:

B2B industry website online development trend

1 B2B industry website online trends

B2B industry website, there are many good development, such as Sheng’s Chinese chemical network, China clothing network, Chinese Textile Network and other chemical and clothing series website, Shanghai’s "steel net" is said to have more than 1 hundred million sales, and built in Zhejiang network’s Chinese cement series building site well, Hangzhou Acer global network hardware, Chinese electric nets series website, is the development of good. From the development of these sites, can be roughly analyzed in the next 5 years B2B industry website online trends.

A for foreign trade industry will focus on the English website, this industry is generally occupies a large proportion of foreign trade industry, and the site has a relatively strong strength, some will be online and offline together, such as magazines, line matching.

B funds permitting, will choose some quality or industry, competition relatively small industry to do more industry B2B website, will gradually move towards multi business mode, cross industry, the operation of the group, there will be several industry market relatively large B2B industry website listed in the next 5 years.

C part of the B2B industry site due to subdivision of industry websites pressure, will be involved in the industry is divided into several key segments of the industry, many segments of the industry Web site, or choose some of that good industries, do subdivision industry site alone.

D part of the industry’s B2B website will be promoted from the transaction, turning to online transactions, such as: clothing and small commodity wholesale, in fact, is now the main push Alibaba services, has applied for an independent domain name

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