Vintage VANCL gross margin will increase 10 15% this year




technology news May 8th afternoon, VANCL aged CEO said when communicating with the media, where the gross margin will increase by 10-15% this year, he also revealed that the first half of this year where the gross margin has reached 40% stage. Where is the aged said, product architecture, hierarchical management, strengthen the optimization of resources supply chain management to achieve profitability targets.

it is understood that the customer will now all products are divided into three layers, one layer is the best-selling classic, based on user growth and last year’s data out; there is a new record, there are some changes in experimental, this should be a volume control, such as jeans; third is a breakthrough, breakthrough MOQ on the line, such as cosmetics.

Chen admitted that where the past is no algorithm, do not know how to count, only to see the high growth, but now has been gradually approaching, when the structure of several layers of products made out, and the user can match with the market to grow together.

"as long as you can figure out, this is a good thing. When you work out, you can only daxitaibei. Last year there was a impulse to use the planned economy to engage in production, the task of a layer of random decomposition, regardless of historical data, it is wrong." Chen said.

according to its introduction, this year we have strengthened the management plan of the supply chain, distribution of production plan, no longer disturb the normal flow of temporary single supplier. In terms of the number of suppliers also emphasize integration, in particular, to optimize the selection of suppliers of resources, the quality of the stability as the evaluation index, the number of suppliers will be reduced to half.

Chen said, where customers are more and more respect the company itself the rule of operation, processing and manufacturing partners where the customer is very important. In particular, such as Shen Chau, Meng Na, such as the rule of the typical growth of the company, very amazing. The stability of their quality, especially in cooperation with international brands of cooperation is very important.

"now where the customer more is the pursuit of steady progress, because every customer has to QianYiFaErDongQuanShen, when an index is not healthy, particularly large impact on the overall." We talked about the development of rhythm, such as the old is said, "where from the beginning of the shirt, to today’s users to accept so many products, have been very satisfied, to believe the power of time." (Lin Ming)  

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