mport electricity supplier lift logistics price war Tmall international advantage no longer


] the state power network following last month, Tmall will charge the international operation of intermediate links "global flash sales business logistics services reduced to 8 yuan for the ultra low price, this week, cross-border electricity providers integrated service platform" overseas "and announced that the bonded import direct mail business will significantly cut the intermediate link operation the minimum fee to 7.5 yuan.

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billion state power network understanding, bonded import business overseas "for overseas delivery, overseas warehousing, cross-border air / sea, stocking customs clearance, bonded warehousing, sorting and packing, customs clearance, delivery and other imported domestic cross-border electricity supplier logistics service. The announcement shows that the cut price relates to customs clearance, sorting and other intermediate links, according to the different number of packages, the implementation of the price ladder, businesses monthly delivery more than ten thousand votes, charge 8 yuan per ticket, the minimum can be as low as 7.5 yuan.

overseas through the latest service price

, a person familiar with the bonded import sources, the current price is given for each pilot city comprehensive enterprises engaged in Bonded import business for each goods in the bonded area logistics operation fee concentrated in 10-20 yuan, the greater the amount of shipment, you can get the lower the price; while engaged in the service of these enterprises actual operating costs in 5-8 yuan.

previously, Tmall International launched the global flash sales business, commodity issued by the bonded import electricity supplier pilot city, preferential conditions business is each shipment of goods in the bonded area logistics operating costs 8 yuan package, including the sorting of goods in the bonded area, distribution, immigration and customs clearance, one-time intermediate link operation fee down to the cost line.

company engaged in Bonded import business logistics enterprises are said to billion state power network, Tmall international launch of the low service fee to bring pressure on its business development, to consider in the near future price. Analysts pointed out that the overseas pass to the lowest price of 7.5 yuan a vote, it is likely to be a response to Tmall’s international $8 a ticket, the two sides are taking market share through low service prices.


analysts said, with the electricity supplier industry imports increasingly fiery, engaged in the import of electricity supplier logistics enterprises have gradually increased, but the number of high-quality imported electricity supplier business is not much, so the logistics service providers are also increasingly fierce competition, the future price promotions will become a routine means of competition of imported electricity supplier logistics industry.

it is understood that Tmall international flash purchase business and overseas through the current in the import of logistics is to take the bonded goods stocking mode of operation through the cross-border electricity supplier pilot city bonded area. The two platforms have cut prices, in addition to the impact of the bonded import logistics market, but also on the transshipment in the past and now the business is a long way to import the use of a large impact.

"overseas" platform leader Yang Xuehai said, in addition to lower operating cost of intermediate links, the overseas also adjust the import air and sea transport in Hong Kong, the price, the overall price declines, comprehensive decrease ratio of up to 120%.

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