Online shopping slowdown accelerate the integration of electricity providers

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Express News reporter Chen Qinglin reported following settled Tmall mall, electric business have strong cooperation. Yesterday, announced, including Eslite, Lasafo and excellent purchase three vertical electricity supplier at the end of October the collective settled, to achieve some of the goods sales. Insiders believe that the electricity supplier competition will open up the trend of competition from the integration. With these well-known electricity providers have hand, electricity supplier has been the arrival of the era of big integration.

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Lasafo and excellent shopping network, is more willing to reveal about the details of the cooperation between the customer and the.

according to reports, the end of August this year, CEO visited Suning VANCL old headquarters in Nanjing with a number of Suning Group executives meeting. At the end of October, we officially settled in, this is the first step in cooperation between the two sides. It is reported that, in addition to the direct contribution of the product line, the two sides will have more cooperation.

at present, the online business is Suning Appliance future development strategy focus. But Suning Appliance in the first three quarters, the company’s first three quarters of revenue of $72 billion 431 million, an increase of 7%. The online business sales revenue to reached 9 billion 556 million yuan (including tax), the overall revenue accounted for 13%. This also means that, after the three quarter, set at the beginning of the full year sales target of 20 billion yuan has not yet completed half.

, however, this does not weaken the determination of Suning Appliance electricity supplier. September 2012, Suning invested $66 million acquisition of maternal and child electricity supplier red child, the first wave of domestic electricity supplier integration kicked off. At the end of October, where the customer, Le bee, and purchase three vertical electric providers have joined the open platform. Yesterday, the new express reporter in the search, has "VANCL" can search 12023 search results including men’s, women’s clothing, footwear and other products. Join the three vertical electricity supplier, SKU (stock) total quickly reached 1 million 200 thousand, is expected to be completed 1 million 500 thousand of the annual target ahead of SKU. executive vice president Li Bin said that several of these enterprises alliance, and can not meet the requirements of the future development strategy of Later, will increase the integration of upstream supply chain resources, realize the full penetration of the market poor dissimilation.

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previously, Tencent Groupon group, WAL-MART integrated Gaopeng recombinant F shop, and Tmall marriage, there are indications that the previous "business transformation" to fight a lone battle "Baotuan" cooperation.

iResearch consulting recently released statistics show that in the three quarter of this year, the domestic B2C market turnover of $101 billion 100 million, an increase of 13.2%, compared with the previous quarter’s growth rate of 43.7% QoQ sharply. China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC)

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