Single strong eight issues must be considered before the enterprise network marketing

as everyone knows, network marketing has become an important part of enterprise marketing, most enterprises have realized in today’s information age, want talent shows itself from many competitors, should pay enough attention to the network marketing, but an enterprise in the decision is what preparations should be conducted before the network marketing? Specifically we enumerate the following ten problems must be considered.

1, enterprise products or services where potential customers in

The trial production of regional

products or services for your decision whether enterprises should carry out network marketing, if you are just facing a city or area is smaller, so the value of network marketing will not too big.

suitable for network marketing companies, the best of its products are for a larger region or a national or even worldwide, so as to give full play to the advantages of network marketing.

2, enterprise potential customer base analysis

enterprises in the launch of the network marketing project must be careful and comprehensive analysis of all the characteristics of their potential customer base,

The characteristics of the

consumer group, determines the network sales platform design style, copy, the main push product, price, promotion and promotion.

3, potential customers are often exposed to network

if the potential customer basically and the network is not good, then we carry on the network marketing is the waste of energy.

4, the potential customers access to the Internet through the main channels of products

only by careful analysis of the correct conclusions, we can have targeted network marketing, detours, to achieve the maximum price.

5, competitors in the industry are doing what

enterprise should refer to the same industry company before the network marketing, network marketing has been carried out to see how those companies that have not yet taken effect, the network marketing status of the company and where the gap.

6, product sales gross margin how many?

We must know about the

into a few profits before any marketing activity cost during operating profit = main business profit and other business profits – (such as operating expenses, administrative expenses and financial expenses)

7, the network marketing personnel wages plus funds about how much?

company needs to set up a number of network marketing positions, is the recruitment of professionals or reasonable arrangements for the existing staff of network marketing, or choose a professional network marketing outsourcing services company.

8, the conversion rate is the number of network marketing

enterprises in the network after each month through the network marketing is the number of transactions reached, we put the output ratio is reasonable.


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