The network Shopping for Refund escape user traffic growth problems

In November 18th

, China Unicom iPhone set the purchase enthusiasm when, as Zhang Yang IT fancier began her for himself and his girlfriend to buy. He not only to show off their homes will certainly buy the most favorable price iPhone, but also promised his girlfriend will get a hand before christmas. Zhang Yang believes that it would be easy for him to get used to the Internet Taobao.

in fact, all of this is not so easy to Zhang Yang: he kept in a number of shopping websites and compare the price, quality of goods, express delivery, the seller service, smuggled goods or goods. The Taobao C, China Unicom’s official website, the Jingdong B2C mall each claimed that iPhone is cheap, value for money.

network Shopping for Refund has plagued

user traffic growth

subjective consciousness in Zhang Yang can not distinguish between the choice of which in the end, in the end when the reputation and quality of the best, he began to ask in the QQ group, 55BBS post, SNS message. Through the reputation of the community legend, and then by means of willing to buy cheap network, etc., Zhang Yang finally had a more accurate answer……

so the entire shopping process is now a true portrayal of 63 million 290 thousand Chinese online shoppers. Relying on the community the effect of word of mouth marketing, get more benefits through the website of the rebate.


(photo: word-of-mouth community e-commerce Nirvana)

according to the latest survey data show that more than 88% of shoppers will, before shopping in the community which understand the commodity information, including commodity prices and performance, with friends to share the use of experience and so on. Visible, in today’s Chinese Internet users for the entire e-commerce did not form a complete and mature understanding of the community’s rapid spread of power, the community has not been able to guide the power of.

from the start in 2006 began to pay attention to the female market, from the beginning of the 07 year vertical class female community began to be sought after capital, June 2008 successfully acquired by CNET 55bbs I love discount the value of electronic commerce in the field of community women’s consumption ability + no ground for blame, cast gold combination value of community media to let him find the best combined with electronic commerce selling point.


reputation community e-commerce Nirvana

In addition to

in recent years has built for the SNS circle of acquaintances sites using emotional ties with acquaintances reputation has rapidly become competing for electronic commerce.

SNS FaceKoo chief executive of Bai Kaiwen made it clear that in the understanding of FaceKoo active user consumption habits, he established his own e-commerce site Koomall, the user needs the guide to success. Now not only Koo>

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