2016 Taobao double 12 red open grab a maximum of 1212 yuan a day a three chance

entered in December, the double 12 crazy again. Starting today, 2016 1212 Taobao kiss big red envelopes to open a shopping coupon grab


it is reported that Taobao 1212 red envelopes are divided into: 1 yuan, $2, $5, $1212. Each user can smoke 3 times a day, red envelopes can be used in Taobao Tmall, both can be used to split the use of superposition.

in addition, there are 5 yuan Taobao shopping coupons, only limited use, but also can not be superimposed on the use of split.


cash red open to receive the time for December 1st -12 month 8, Taobao shopping coupon lead time for the -12 month on December 1st, the use of the two time is limited to the day of the year in December 12th!

red envelopes and details of the number of red packets, you can in the phone Taobao – my Taobao – Card coupons package – red envelopes query.

red envelopes receive address: Click here.

can also copy the text, open the phone Taobao can pop-up page.

$AAeiWVcK $



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