Mobile shopping into new favorite will become the main position of marketing electricity supplier AP

With the rapid development of information technology, telecom operators and third party payment services are becoming more and more mature, more and more consumers began to try to shop on the mobile client

. Electricity providers are also on the various forces in the layout of the mobile Internet, accelerate the construction and attempt to move the mall.

according to iResearch data show that in the third quarter of 2012 mobile in the mobile Internet business projects in all shopping accounted for over 25.4%, mobile shopping has become one of the fastest growing mobile Internet industry segments.

electricity supplier in the development of APP shopping process, payment links and other aspects of efforts, but also to quickly improve the field of mobile e-commerce.

electricity supplier has become a new trend of mobile

The rapid development of

mobile Internet is changing people’s life style and consumption concept. Mobile devices allow people to live in the work of the gap, the more fragmented time on the continuous enjoyment of the fun of mobile shopping". Or check the status of orders logistics, or change the status of the order, PC compared with the traditional shopping, mobile shopping more convenient and fast, but also saves large time, easy to be accepted by the majority of Internet users, especially the younger generation.

mobile phones, tablet PCs and other mobile devices become the main driving force for the rise of mobile shopping. According to the China Electronic Commerce Research Center data show that the first half of 2012, China Mobile e-commerce market size has reached 18 billion 310 million, is expected to 2015, China Mobile e-commerce market scale is expected to exceed 250 billion yuan. Where the end of February 2011 following the high-profile move into the field of electricity providers, electricity supplier has launched iPhone, Android and other mobile phone client. The industry believes that the rapid rise of mobile shopping trend has been unstoppable.

, however, mobile shopping is also facing many problems. For example, requires a lot of network traffic support, payment channels occlusive, online payment security, customer service service procedures cumbersome in the absence of WIFI, as well as business reputation and quality assurance etc.. Even so, the golden age of mobile shopping is inevitable.

APP or business profit growth in recent years, the mobile shopping market has a certain scale and will continue to expand, with the change of consumers using mobile devices to, not only confined to watch video, micro-blog, brush read books, listen to music and other forms of mobile shopping began to challenge the traditional shopping and PC shopping mode. To become a major electricity supplier touted the new profit point.

mobile shopping mall contains a huge potential for growth, most business have to develop their own APP, continue to increase investment in its own manpower, technology, services and other resources, in the vast APP expected talent shows itself in the army. Dangdang wireless division, organized dozens of people R & D team, the introduction of various types of IOS, Android, WP and other versions of the system Dangdang APP, Dangdang >

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