Fried CN domain name will not be turned into negative equity

NBA sued the Guangzhou company to recapture the domain name, www.nba.cn is a typical CN domain, the CN domain name at the beginning of the open registration, many companies have grabbed the first round, and then let people grab the back of a wheel, finally in a panic buying yuan, almost as long as want to the domain name is registered. To tell the truth, now want to register so that the CN domain name is more difficult than the registered.Com domain name.

but I do not have a few CN domain name,.Com has dozens of it, the reason is that I do not believe that the CNNIC and the people of this organization, CN domain name is not reliable. In addition to the CN domain name and a rule in order of arrival, is not registered well-known trademark. And there is nothing to apply for arbitration, individuals and big brands to fight a lawsuit, suffer too much.

some people say, CNNIC judgment domain name ownership is mainly to see the financial strength of the enterprise. F1.com.cn was given to the F1 team. While the Beijing teachers registered F1.com, F1 racing car is not called F1. ICQ.com.cn is for network arbitration. ICQ is a well-known trademark of AOL company. Yang Feixue won the exception of the QQ.com.cn arbitration, but the domain name was forced to change to the company’s all. Also if you use Chinese.Cn domain name. When you develop well, CNNIC to give others, you are not angry.

on the top of the nba.cn domain name, the party was sentenced to lose the ownership of the domain name www.nba.cn free, unconditional transfer to NBA, and pay the investigation fee, notary fees and other expenses. The same is the case, pepsi.com.cn and nike.com.cn, home also have kingsoft.com.cn, has also been given to jinshan. Even the one you never heard of the kangwang.com.cn will also be sentenced to master

Don’t grab grab

CN domain, finally, in a big company to help protect the domain name, at any time will be prosecuted, but also to pay legal fees, fees that are no evidence, negative assets of


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