A number of indicators of domestic e commerce innovation

in 2010 the domestic e-commerce market has achieved leapfrog development, a number of indicators are constantly hitting the new high. According to the Ministry of commerce is expected to 2010, annual e-commerce transactions will exceed 4 trillion yuan, especially the pace of development of network shopping is amazing, the first three quarters of this year online shopping market transactions reached 350 billion yuan, compared with the same period last year more than doubled.

according to the monitoring statistics, CNZZ 2010, the number of e-commerce sites continue to grow, the number of websites in December reached 1.86, up 16.13% compared with the beginning of the year, showing the vitality of electronic commerce industry.

online shopping is an important branch of e-commerce, in 2010 an average of 62.54% e-commerce sites is B2C. At the end of 2010, the domestic B2C giants began the first wave of listing. CNZZ believes that the industry leader has enough revenue, but also greatly enhanced the entire

B2C industry practitioners confidence is expected next year there will be a strong B2C to follow the path of listing.

C2C for the domestic market, the pattern of the overall market in 2010 and no major changes, although other competitors a lot of market strategy, but the industry leader – Taobao’s dominance was not shaken. The rise of group purchase industry is a legend in 2010, the domestic e-commerce market, especially in the second half of a series of YAHOO, Google and other Internet giants billions of dollars in merger rumors, let the "group purchase" has become the most popular vocabulary of online shopping and the whole Internet industry.

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