Cross border electricity supplier New Deal tracking investment continued to evacuate quietly warmin

text / Tencent technology Sun Hongchao

from the fuse to Nirvana, cross-border electricity providers are groping forward. By the end of May this year, the General Administration of Customs gave the new deal to suspend the implementation of a year’s period, after nearly half a year’s time, the cross-border electricity supplier who surprisingly low-key, consistent silence.

and the capital market is also being evacuated from the disaster scene, compared with last year, this year, a substantial reduction in cross-border electricity supplier financing cases, incomplete data show that cross-border electricity supplier related Angel round investment fell by half.

but after all stability, once the darling of the market is trying to return to the main track. In October 12th 2016 Chinese cross-border business leaders summit, director of SME Bureau of the Ministry of Ma Xianghui said, the first half of the cross-border e-commerce scale of 260 million yuan, an increase of 30%, and the Ministry of Commerce of the previous forecast for 2016 Chinese cross-border electricity import and export trade volume will reach 6 trillion and 500 billion yuan is not far off, not to mention the second half of the year this is the power of cross-border electricity supplier.

more intuitive feelings may come from media reports, in 2016 the media about Chinese overseas tourists to buy explosive news greatly reduced, this is the reason for the economic downturn, but cross-border electricity supplier in the middle of the role can not be underestimated.

policy swing

review in 2015, cross-border electricity supplier practitioners feel is spring:

January, safe issued No. 7 "payment mechanism of cross-border foreign exchange payment services pilot guidance", instead of No. 5, the pilot area of foreign exchange payment covering the whole country and open the third party payment institutions to apply for the pilot; May, "on the adjustment of e-commerce cross-border trade customs supervision and customs clearance time request operation time" on matters relating to imported goods may further enhance the efficiency of customs clearance; Quality Inspection Administration issued a "further play the role of inspection and quarantine functions to promote cross-border e-commerce development" will be part of the products included in the negative list; in June, the State Council promulgated the "guidance" on promoting the rapid development of cross-border e-commerce health, file clearly pointed to by the cross-border e-commerce, a reasonable increase in imports of consumer goods"……

at the end of 2015, with NetEase koala, red book as a representative of several cross-border electronic business platform have to go abroad to purchase goods, was dubbed cross-border electricity supplier, buy season.

but when several cross-border electronic business platform exchange and overseas for many overseas brands in an interview, the policy of wavering would have been the focus of media attention, a cross-border electricity supplier executives said: "science and technology Tencent directly in the cross-border electricity supplier so-called dividend period has just arrived, several cross-border electricity supplier the man had a small talk, not afraid of favorable policies, is not afraid of bad policy, fear most is the policy."

a new tax on the eve of the cross-border electricity supplier, the executives of Tencent for science and technology called several times after the Tencent said further about to speak, but saying nothing, science and technology: "the future may not in policy related areas and start >

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