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electric business has been the ten electricity supplier died of nine entities, the argument, but Amazon is going to take the risk of the past.

this afternoon, according to "the Wall Street journal" reported that the Amazon Co is planning to open a small entity stores, sales of milk, meat and other goods not easy to keep, hoping to fully expand the grocery sales field.


according to the Wall Street Journal quoted insiders said, Amazon convenience store shopping and traditional convenience stores are different, mainly through mobile phones or display in the store around the touch screen to buy. Convenience stores to sell goods, including flowers, milk and other short shelf life of fresh food and peanut butter, grains and other commodities can be long-term preservation. And Amazon convenience store will be able to guarantee the same day delivery.

in order to allow customers to pick up with the fastest speed checkout, Amazon will set the specified location for the convenience store to pick up points in roadside pick point, customers can take advantage of their pickup vehicle license plate.

artificial identification license plate is too cumbersome, Amazon is developing a license plate for this project electronic reading technology, a number of off the shopping mall will be the first to put objects. Amazon to encourage owners to order food online through the single way, and then drove to pick up.


reported citing anonymous sources familiar with the matter said that Amazon, these convenience stores and street vendors will be selling milk and meat products and other perishable food. The report also said that customers patronize these stores can also order other shelf life of goods, Amazon will provide the same day delivery service.

addition, Amazon will also build a free shopping mall for consumers, the owner can order the food by way of online orders, and delivered to the car by amazon.


in the global field of electronic commerce in the Amazon retail industry leader, but the line is still dominated by WAL-MART and other traditional retailers. Especially in the short period of consumption of toilet paper, towels and other daily necessities, online shopping, the high cost of transportation consuming characteristics and long line stores than no advantage, mainstream consumers still used online purchase, so Amazon has failed to break the market.


However, behind the toilet paper towels

market should not be underestimated. According to Morgan Stanley, the American grocery stores consumer goods accounted for about 20% of the total expenditure of consumers, the online shopping commodity consumption accounted for only about 2%.

in addition, the consumer’s shopping habits are also changing the temptation to speed up the Amazon to snatch the line commodity market. Morgan also predicted that this year, U.S. online grocery sales will double than last year, more than 42 billion U.S. dollars. Morgan in October 2015, a U.S. consumer survey showed that 8% of respondents’ > ()

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