Steam revolution hit SUPOR steam ball cauldron rice cooker cross listing

eighteenth Century, Watt improved steam, the steam power become almost all machines, changed people’s work mode of production, which greatly promoted the technological progress, finally opened the prelude of the industrial revolution.

more than 200 years later, another steam in the name of the revolution is about to perform – China’s small household electrical appliances leading enterprises SUPOR officially launched steam ball kettle IH rice cooker. In order to allow consumers to eat more and more full play Q and lock the water fresh "Steamed Rice, SUPOR IH steam ball kettle cooker continued upgradesliner, innovation and application of thermal steam heating technology, realized under high temperature Steamed Rice synchronous heating, greatly enhance the Steamed Rice elasticity, grain plumpness and freshness three indicators, in Steamed Rice after cooking more sustainable preservation for up to 8 hours.


steam ball kettle IH rice cooker not only changed the shortcomings of the previous ordinary electric cooker for heating only the bottom of the tank, is a breakthrough in high-end rice cooker is widely used at present in the traditional cover low power heating mode by rapid heating of the built-in food grade stainless steel cup boiling steam generating high temperature steam. The upper cover closed steam channel, from the beginning to the pot and cook for high temperature steam injection, so as to achieve the top and bottom of the IH high temperature steam power synchronous heating, a heat storage reproduction firewood stove cooking, combined with the unique inner ball kettle, can make the rice water regularly, from outside to inside circulation the boiling, let each Steamed Rice realize 360 degrees around the full depth of the heat, drink enough water, finally through the core and full Q. In the Steamed Rice insulation stage, water and steam were locked Steamed Rice aroma molecules, let Steamed Rice keep fresh taste like "just out of the pot" best, even if the family home late from work also can eat good Steamed Rice reeky.


According to the authoritative data

Huazhong Agricultural University Food Science Institute, SUPOR IH steam ball kettle cooker can realize Steamed Rice elasticity index increased by 36%, grain plumpness further increased to 1.78 times, can achieve Steamed Rice in up to 8 hours after insulation moisture loss.

this week, SUPOR steam ball kettle IH rice cooker will be in the major shopping malls, supermarkets and stores 3C mainly on sale.

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