Forbes released the list of brand value and consumer trends are almost the same

Nike became the cross winner, luxury is not OK, we want to tell you that the industry situation changes the list behind.

Forbes (Forbes) recently released the 2016 world’s most valuable brand list".

brand value, and the company’s performance, market capitalization is not completely positive correlation, this sounds a bit abstract words mean for the company?

Walton, a professor of marketing and branding at the University of Pennsylvania’s David School of business, said: "the value of a brand depends on the degree of consumer acceptance of the Reibstein. From a business perspective, a brand is valuable to see if consumers are willing to spend a higher price or have a stronger desire to buy."

in addition to Forbes, including BrandZ, Interbrand, the British consulting firm Brand Finance, the agency will regularly publish brand value report and list. But each method of calculation is not the same.


Forbes "brand value ranking rule is: in each of the last three years the brand profit based, and according to the" brand "status in the industry multiplied by a percentage coefficient (for example, the percentage coefficient is higher, the percentage of beverage industry coefficient airlines and oil companies lower), this adjustment after the profit multiplied by the average price earnings ratio over the past three years, finally calculate the value of the brand.

this is the sixth year Forbes released brand value list, this year ranked in the top three is apple, Google and Microsoft.

but in addition to ranking, we would like to tell you that this list is hidden behind the changes in the industry situation. You will find that the value of a brand is almost the same as what you have felt in the past year.

Nike is the most valuable clothing brand, not limited to "Sports"

Nike is now the world’s most valuable clothing brand – note, not the most valuable sports apparel brand, but the most valuable clothing brand.

mean, not just rivals Adidas and Under Armour, M Zara, even H& the fast fashion brand Gucci, the luxury brand in the clothing category, more broadly, Nike is still in the first row.

this is related to the 2014 movement. Fast fashion brands have opened a sports product line, Alexander Wang, Chanel and other dozens of companies have launched a sports style costumes, traditional sports brands began cross-border fashion circles.

although Nike almost never talk about the style of the trend, but this does not prevent it from becoming the beneficiaries of the movement. But Adidas grasp ability should not be overlooked in the trend, the recent explosion in manufacturing.

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