The British off the European pound cross border electricity grad

every reporter Li Ting

the two day of British "off the European" news scraper, and friends of various European purchasing "buy buy buy" message is crazy turn. Britain is not the exit of the EU, how to stimulate the domestic small partners buy buy buy passion?

In fact,

logic is very simple, that is, exchange rate fluctuations, the United Kingdom, take off the euro after the devaluation of the pound, relatively speaking, the purchasing power of the yuan stronger. It is estimated that a Burberry coat can be cheaper 1200 yuan, which is obviously enough to stimulate the desire to buy buddies.

some people are happy people worry about

first give an example to let everyone feel faint cry in the airport purchasing their mood: the famous luxury bag LV a shopping bag in 795 in the UK, 23, starting price: 7829 yuan, 24 of the price dropped to 6954 yuan, the difference reached 885 yuan.

overall, the decline in sterling exchange rate for Chinese consumers to buy buy buy is definitely a good news, many British and European generation of electricity providers also opened a crazy discount mode.

According to

Chinese electronic commerce research center to incomplete statistics, the day before the sea Amoy shopping guide website sea Amoy shellfish, sea Amoy and geeks have launched what is worth buying guide page.

"daily economic news" reporter found that the little red book also launched the pound plummeted to buy these most cost-effective topic. Hangzhou is a focus on the European Home Furnishing cross-border European top grade will launch a 8 fold discount season activities.

European top grade cross-border direct mail platform assistant general manager Yemanman told the "daily economic news" reporter said, on the weekend, the orders received comparable to last year "double eleven" event.

someone who is happy and sad. Due to the devaluation of the pound and the depreciation of the euro is expected to increase the profits of cross-border import electricity supplier, but for cross-border electricity supplier exports, but to face the embarrassing dilemma of shrinking profits.

According to

senior analyst Zhang Zhouping Chinese e-commerce research center on the "daily economic news" reporter, Britain is one of the main target China cross-border export countries, the British "Europe off" of China export of cross-border electricity supplier impact is relatively large, because the currency has shrunk very large, leading to decline in profits. Although Chinese companies can also make corresponding price adjustment strategies, but after all, the adjustment mechanism needs some time, but also need to accept customer response.

according to the China Electronic Commerce Research Center estimates, the United Kingdom from Europe led to the pound, the euro exchange rate plummeted, will directly affect the price of export products. Sterling for example, prices remain unchanged, export of cross-border electricity supplier profit directly shrank by 10%, the price adjustment will inevitably bring about the sales decline, the next period of time, cross-border export electricity supplier will encounter "cold winter in the European market".

In addition to the

, for European sellers, in addition to the exchange rate, but also the lack of an excellent import channel.


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