Why register a domain name in a foreign country

if you’re going to be a webmaster, the first thing you have to do is to register a domain name. Finally selected their favorite domain, but where to go to register? This question is a little less than the simple choice of name. Because most of the new owners do not have the domain name registration experience, so it is almost a pair of black eyes. Today, the fox roughly to the point of advice, hoping to provide a reference.

Fox’s view is not to register the domain name in china. The domain name registration is divided into two parts, one is the domain name registrar, like the top 10 thousand nets, new network and so on; on the other hand is below the inexhaustible agents. But there are obvious shortcomings in the domain name registration

charges high

like the nets of a.Org domain name registered 130 yuan. The following agents are cheaper, such as phyfox.org is registered in the sudu8, 60 yuan a year. In fact, this is more expensive. In GoDaddy, the top-level domain registrar, the world’s largest domain registrar, as it is 50 dollars, but also 10G space, mailbox and so on a series of preferential measures. My.Com top-level domain name registration, only 47 dollars without a year, the day is also the appearance of the 10 fen.

poor quality of service

this is a reflection of the domestic domain name users. On the one hand, customer service is poor, indifferent attitude, no one answered the phone in the past, etc.. For example, my agent, the use of im communication. Your contact with the marketing department, immediately respond. You contact with the technical department, waiting for you oh. Especially if you want to transfer or transfer, if you haven’t met the black registrar lucky for you. On the other hand, the control panel is simple, the function is less, this is a deep understanding of the fox, sudu8 domain name panel is very simple. At the beginning, I didn’t find that I applied for the Google Enterprise Suite /google apps modified MX records need to modify the TTL value of 1hour, but my panel does not have this feature. Foreign top-level domain name business will not be the case, because the domain name registration has been very mature in foreign countries, they have a sound commercial system and technical system. For example, then you can choose GoDaddy push, but in the country is the need to fax a copy of the ID card. Ghosts know what they will do with your copy


reaction is more analytical instability. A top-level domain like business square net or do very well, only a few time not analysis. But the next agent is hard to say. To fat fox, for example, phyfox.org has time to resolve the failure, resulting in domain name can not be accessed. But the strange thing is that blog.phyfox.org has been good, very strange ah. Foreign top-level domain name business has rarely heard of analytical instability


this, you may encounter

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