Micro survey Google can contribute to the composition of the social network fabric world

Tencent technology news July 18th news, after the release of Google+, Google market capitalization rose 20 billion. Google+ to sort out the information in different circles, one-way authentication relationship. Google+ is Facebook killer or Twitter killer along with the proliferation of real-time information, Google+ is an improved version of the Twitter Tencent technology to make micro survey, the following is part of the view.

Beck believes that G+ is more like a complex of 2, it is a good copy of the advantages of other social networks. He pointed out that Mike Elgan’s view is: Google+ of different social attributes just depends on what people say to you; it is open, a blog; on their own circle, is a push; for their customers, is a business letter; for a man, probably is a letter to my mother the letter.

More believes that the current social network is divided into two types: private and public Facebook, Twitter belong to the former, belong to the latter, while Google+ and Twitter obviously, does not need to confirm each other through the attention of sb. From the morphological point of view, the contents of the Google+ display richer than Twitter, support for long text, pictures and videos, and sina is very similar to micro-blog.

cache said, personal feeling, Google+ circle more emphasis on sharing of information flow, micro-blog products have a place to learn. However, similar to the nature of this micro-blog SINA, learning, and will weaken the degree of information sharing. Tencent is a good friend of Qzone, SNS and micro-blog combination of ideas. Furthermore, Google+ will Google products to open up and release their own technical capabilities, even if the failure is also worth celebrating.

Keso said, Google+ now how to make social networks reduce the burden? G+ project technical director Joseph Smarr: in the short term, in addition to ensure that data can be output and the more possible data connection, we cannot change a lot; however, Google+ can promote the social network as a distributed joint world. In this way, even if the user uses a different tool they can be very closely connected.

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