ShopEx shop ntel server solutions help HYC Chizha E commerce

HYC (http://s.www.sgnest.com/) is the largest Korean women B2C sales platform, the platform into the design, production and sales, trade and service as a whole, the overall strength is very strong.

HYC enter e-commerce began in 2003, with design and production advantages, relying on a large number of styles, novel design, reasonable price products, also benefited from the ShopEx shop + Intel server solutions, HYC gradually in the Alibaba and Taobao and other electronic business platform is established on a very high brand awareness, by many clothing vendors favored by the end of August 2011, a total of more than 4 of the Taobao business sales HYC products, employees also developed from the initial 2 people to 300 people now. Over the years accumulate steadily HYC honor in 2009, the world’s ten largest Alibaba net title, 2010 was again named PARKnSHOP network.

as a sales company of clothing e-commerce started, HYC officially established their own electronic shops in 2006. After three years of development and use, in April 2009, the original functions of HYC was provided by the platform has been unable to meet the needs of enterprises to have the explosive development of the selection of a more powerful business platform of the time. HYC general manager Zhang Hongran in an interview with reporters said: "we started using electronic shops in use for a long time after the discovery of relatively simple function, but with the expansion of business scale, we need a better display, sales platform, and the importance of the stability function and system management and sales and also more and more prominent, therefore, will give priority to the needs of these three areas in the selection of electronic business partners." In communication with other business partners, general manager Ms. Zhang Hongran learned that the domestic e-commerce software and service providers in Shanghai the largest business school (hereinafter referred to as ShopEx) have a special solution to the current status of the goose nest, the partners for their recommendation, June 2009, HYC decided to adopt a one-stop business services company ShopEx the "shop" solutions to build independent e-commerce platform.

A one-stop service providers use the

HYC "shop" solution is ShopEx solution for small and medium enterprises to quickly build B2C shop, store design, the key solution is to help SMEs solve the network marketing, data statistics, order processing, the number of users often encounter problems such as expanding process of establishment the strive to help customers establish a reliable sales channels, to be of great advantage of e-commerce platform.

specifically, there are four most notable features:

first, rich marketing tools to help users easily gather business enterprise. Easy to open a shop has a variety of ways to help customers marketing promotion, it supports Taobao users, search engine users dual core marketing, providing SEM, SEO e-commerce business solutions, >

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